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Staying at Qualia Resort

For many years I have been dreaming of visiting Hamilton Island. If you (like me) grew up in Australia, you will likely already be familiar… The po...
07-06-2021 14:12

7 Places you can not miss around Joshua Tree National Park

A good road trip requires two things: a destination worth the journey and a journey worthwhile. For the latter, you need great company. A few… The ...
07-06-2021 14:12

How to budget as a Freelancer

If you’ve just started your journey as a freelancer, congratulations! Working for yourself is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be daunting whe...
07-06-2021 14:12

Guide to Byron Bay

There’s no denying Byron Bay has become Australia’s capital of cool. And while it might be a claim some locals would prefer to keep a… The post...
07-06-2021 14:12

10 Bucket List Trips to Book a Year in Advance

With travel having been paused for just over a year now, many of us are getting itchy feet. And by itchy feet I mean restless,… The post 10 Bucket ...
07-06-2021 14:12

These are the best luxury hotels in Queensland

The sunshine state has no shortage of beautiful hotels. And with year-round sun, endless beaches to choose from and a laidback lifestyle, it isn’t ...
07-06-2021 14:12

These are the best remote luxury lodges in Australia

It is no secret that Australia is full of incredible locations. A land of natural beauty and extreme contrasts, there is something for everyone. Whet...
07-06-2021 14:12

How to Spend a Weekend in Hobart

Having grown up in Tasmania, there is no shortage of weekend visit to Hobart in my road trip repertoire. At least a few times a… The post How to Sp...
07-06-2021 14:12

The Honest Truth About Starting a Travel Blog

It seems that in this day and age everyone wants to be a travel blogger, and it?s hard not to see why. Traveling the world,… The post The Honest Tr...
07-06-2021 14:12

A Luxurious Escape to Lizard Island

I will personally forgive you if you have not yet heard of Lizard Island, a remote oasis located off the coast of far north Queensland.… The post A...
07-06-2021 14:12

Starting again (again) in your late twenties

Two months ago I was walking down the main road of Seapoint, a seaside neighbourhood of Cape Town, to my daily pilates class. It was… The post Star...
08-12-2020 17:49

How to feel more French

It is no secret that I am an overt francophile. And if you?re wondering what that means, it is a person who is greatly fond… The post How to feel m...
24-11-2020 17:56

The Best New Shacks in Tasmania you can book on AirBnB

With the Tasmanian borders re-opening to tourists across Australia, there is no better time to book an escape to the apple isle. And although Tasmani...
18-11-2020 17:56

Two weeks in mandatory hotel quarantine in Australia

If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering what mandatory hotel quarantine in Australia is like. Is it a walk in the park or entirely inhum...
31-10-2020 17:49

Everything I bought in Quarantine

What a whirlwind year! You’d think I would know better by now than to enter the dark corners of the internet where online shopping temptations… T...
29-10-2020 17:59

12 Places to See in the South Island

If you are planning a visit to New Zealand, these are the best places to see in the South Island. After a handful of road… The post 12 Places to Se...
26-10-2020 18:00

The Best Airbnbs outside of Melbourne

Are you planning an escape from Melbourne" Perhaps you’re looking for a weekend away to one of Melbourne’s nearby cities and towns. Well, we’ve...
23-10-2020 17:49

The Best Airbnbs in Sydney and Surrounds

We’ve scoured the internet and discovered the best Airbnbs in Sydney and surrounding suburbs, so you don’t have to. These are the best Airbnb sta...
22-10-2020 17:57

The Best 10 Tips for Learning a New Language

This week I will be entering mandatory hotel quarantine in Australia. I?ll be spending two weeks completely alone, in the confines of a small hotelâ€...
18-10-2020 17:58

Flying Emirates First Class

Let me start by saying I do not normally fly first class. And while I wouldn’t be complaining if I did, it is certainly not… The post Flying Emir...
17-10-2020 17:58

What it is like to travel right now

I’ve been sitting in Dubai airport for the last 13 hours. I have another 7 hours to wait before I finally board my flight home… The post What it ...
16-10-2020 17:58

The Best Travel Shows on Netflix Right Now

Netflix has either become my best friend throughout the pandemic or it was all along and I’m now just realising it. Seriously, can any of… The po...
14-10-2020 17:59

Why I’m Leaving Africa

The last time I wrote a post like this, it was titled why I moved to South Africa in a hurry. It was about how… The post Why I’m Leaving Africa a...
13-10-2020 17:59

12 Reasons to Visit Tasmania

With summer around the corner and Tasmania’s borders officially opening up this month, there is no better time to visit Tasmania. The island state ...
12-10-2020 18:00

A Beginner’s Guide to Safari

I will never forget the first time I went on safari. It was the highlight of my first visit to South Africa and if I’m… The post A Beginner’s G...
11-10-2020 18:00

10 Books to Read before you start your own Business

Are you looking to start your own business" You’ve come to the right place. A little more than three years ago I decided to start… The post 10 Bo...
11-10-2020 18:00

6 Shows to Watch if you loved Emily in Paris

I binged watched Emily in Paris in one day. One long, glorious day in my pyjamas with a box of macarons (oops!) Well, what can… The post 6 Shows to...
09-10-2020 17:59

Checking In to Gorgeous George

Since arriving in Cape Town almost a year ago, I have been eyeing off a stay at Gorgeous George. This is one of Cape Town’s… The post Checking In...
06-10-2020 18:02

Checking in to Tintswalo Atlantic

If you find yourself visiting the country of South Africa, there is no doubt in my mind Cape Town will be on your itinerary. This… The post Checkin...
04-10-2020 18:02

The Best Hotels in Cape Town

If you are looking for the best hotels in Cape Town you have come to the right place. From inner-city design hotels to gorgeous beach… The post The...
02-10-2020 18:00

The 20 Best Safari Lodges in Africa

After living in Africa for almost a year now, I’ve had my fair share of safari lodges and experiences. But given safari is such a… The post The 2...
01-10-2020 18:02
26-09-2020 18:02

The Coolest Airbnbs in Tasmania

We’re all desperate for an escape and with the news of Tasmania’s borders opening up in October, what better time to start planning a getaway… ...
24-09-2020 18:04

The Cutest Airbnb Cottages in the Cotswolds

The cotswolds are hands down my favourite part of the United Kingdom. There’s just something so classic and quintessential about these old villages...
24-09-2020 18:04

A Weekend Trip to Stellenbosch

Since moving to South Africa almost a year ago, I have been trying to pack in as many adventures as possible. Yet for one reason… The post A Weeken...
22-09-2020 17:53

Safari with Purpose: My Rhino Conservation Diaries

There’s a trip I took earlier this year that I have been desperate to share with you all. I went on the trip of a… The post Safari with Purpose: ...
14-09-2020 17:54

The Best Doughnut Shops in New York City

If you are looking for the best doughnut shops in New York City then look no further! Inside this guide, we have everything you need… The post The ...
09-09-2020 17:56

Cities to visit for your first time in Europe

Planning your first time in Europe is an out of body experience. There is so much history, culture and art to explore that it can… The post Cities ...
05-09-2020 18:04

The 12 Prettiest Places in Switzerland

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I could write a novel to describe the beauty of Switzerland. There is nothing more magical to… The post The...
03-09-2020 17:54

What I miss most about Solo Travel

For years I have been booking a plane ticket on a whim. When something goes wrong, I go left. And wherever that left takes me… The post What I miss...
31-08-2020 18:33

The Best Recipe for English Banoffee Pie

When I opened my dessert restaurant a little more than three years ago, there was one recipe I knew just had to be on the… The post The Best Recipe...
27-08-2020 18:32

Being Stuck Overseas during the Pandemic

“Why don’t you just go home"” Is a question I’ve been faced with a few too many times to count over the past few months.… The post Being St...
27-08-2020 18:32

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