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Travel News

15-07-2019 17:51

Where To Find The Best Game Lodges in Gauteng

If you?re like any other tourist visiting South Africa, you?re going to want to find a safari near Johannesburg! Why" Because that?s simply the be...
15-07-2019 17:51

St Barts Water sports

Shallow reefs fully encircle each corner of St Barts with mild, crystal clear waters. It has many calm bays, surfing spots and soft sandy beaches...
10-07-2019 17:50
09-07-2019 17:52

Things To Pack For A Vacation To The East Hamptons

Taking a vacation provides you with an opportunity to break away from the monotony of everyday life. It rejuvenates the mind, the body, and the soul. ...
09-07-2019 17:52

Top Luxury Locations In Europe

Scotland is arguably Europe?s best-kept secret when it comes to luxury hotels and amazing scenery. Not only are there several landmarks such as Ed...
08-07-2019 17:51

A McGregor Container Home Stay

Just three hours from Cape Town, lies McGregor, a countryside village where modern weaves seamlessly between the old world and time is the greatest de...
04-07-2019 17:51

Facts about gorilla trekking in Bwindi National park: Uganda

Bwindi national park is a very large rain forest comprising of 4 sectors with each sector having 2 ? 7 gorilla families individually. Each of thes...
03-07-2019 17:50

How To Prepare For A Hunting Vacation

It isn?t recommended that you go it alone when booking an international hunting vacation, although it is entirely possible to book flights, hotels...
02-07-2019 17:51

Avoiding Travel Trouble – What To Do When Travelling W

At some point in our lives, every single one of us is going to run into some sort of health problem, it is inevitable. Depending on what the issue...
02-07-2019 17:51

Best Travel Apps for Android in 2019

It can be considered to be an allrounder among all other travel planning apps.  The app gets all your details like flight bookings or hote...
01-07-2019 17:54

Hidden Gems of Malaysia: 4 Places You Must See

Derawan Islands Malaysia has dozens of fantastic diving spots, some of which are unique and rarely visited by divers. One of such places is the...
28-06-2019 17:51

You may now use portable electronic devices aboard local Bri

When using PEDs onboard, passengers should always: Make safety your first priority.Devices must be used in airplane mode or with the cellular c...
27-06-2019 17:54

How to Make a Travel Video After Your Vacation

Focus on the story When you structure your travel video, try to think about the story that you want to tell. The footage that you choose to use...
25-06-2019 17:50

Two Western Cape Winter Specials: Cape Town

Easy for Dayz, McGregor Now that school holidays have begun, it?s imperative that we can find wonderful places of accommodation to stay with ( or w...
20-06-2019 17:53

Best Hiking Trails South Africa

By Katja Samouilhan South Africa is known for its incredibly diverse wildlife and geography. With sweeping vistas and something exquisitely beautif...
20-06-2019 17:53

The Top Luxury Hotels in Miami Beach

Setai Miami ? The perfect blend of luxury and style, The Setai Hotel in South Beach is located right smack dab in the middle of the activities in ...
19-06-2019 17:51

5 Things to Do in the Caribbean Beyond Lying on the Beaches

A place that deserves to make it on everyone?s bucket list is Morne Trois Pitons National Park. This is a place of incredible natural beauty and b...
04-06-2019 17:51

Best Hostels in Barcelona for Backpackers

Generator Hostel Barcelona In the busy district of Gracia, lies the Generator Hostel, just a short walk from the famous Casa Batllo apartments ...
31-05-2019 17:50
31-05-2019 17:50

7 Trip Ideas in South Africa for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The West Coast National Park, located in South Africa?s Western Cape province, is arguably one of the country?s most beautiful national parks.  ...
29-05-2019 17:50

How to Travel around East Coast Australia on a Budget

If you?ve ever dreamed of seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Great Barrier Reef or the Whitsunday Islands through your own eyes, not just on the pa...
28-05-2019 17:51

What to Pack for a Family Beach Vacation

It?s a given that you and your family will spend some time in the water when at the beach. So, you?ll obviously need to pack a few swimsuits! Be s...
27-05-2019 17:50

5 Tips Every Couple Should Follow When Preparing for a Trip

Featured image source: Pixabay When it comes to preparing for a trip as a couple there usually is a lot of compromises. But there are some trip ess...
27-05-2019 17:50

Top things to visit in Ypres, Belgium

Author: Ines Marinho Belgium: the land of waffles, fries, and chocolate. Every time you visit this country, no matter where you go, all the cor...
27-05-2019 17:50

How to Travel Smart and Travel in Style

The first element of your travel packing is your luggage. Your luggage is an important element in many ways. Firstly, it will be the first thing t...
20-05-2019 17:51

Two Amazing Vacations to Remember

How about a vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life" One that allows you to brag to family and friends" These types of vacations are...
20-05-2019 17:51
20-05-2019 17:51

How to Survive a Family Holiday

Rather than one person being responsible for everything, it?s good if the load can be spread and everyone plays a part in the organisation and pla...
16-05-2019 17:52

Five Tips for Making Sure Your International Trip Goes Smoot

Your trip is going to be very short if you attempt to travel to a country that requires a visa when you don?t have one. Before you leave home, loo...
15-05-2019 17:50

United Airlines Information: All in One Guide

United Airlines is the name proliferating among the wanderlusts this season. The reason behind its launch of the daily, nonstop and seasonal service t...
11-05-2019 17:50

5 Fun Things to Do in Dubai for Couples

You must visit the observation deck at Burj Khalifa where the sky is indeed the limit. Burj Khalifa, an iconic symbol of Dubai is the world?s tall...
10-05-2019 17:51

Riviera Maya in Mexico: All you need to know

Guests at the Grand Mayan are treated to luxurious rooms with personal hot tubs, mini-pools directly adjacent to your personal balcony, and 2 bedr...
06-05-2019 17:52

Five Tips to Make Your Beach Vacation a Success for the Whol

There are many different kinds of vacations you can plan, but few are as popular as the beach vacation. It?s easy to see why! Nothing compares to ...
06-05-2019 17:52
02-05-2019 17:51

A Whistle Stop Tour Of The Greek Island Volcanoes

Just off the mainland of Greece, are over 6,000 islands. However, only 227 of them are inhabited. Many of the Greek Islands were formed by sleepin...
30-04-2019 17:55
30-04-2019 17:55

A Quick Guide to Planning a Romantic Vacation

Unless you are planning a surprise vacation away for your partner for a special occasion, you should ensure he or she is involved in the planning ...
29-04-2019 17:56

Everything you need to know before you go to Turkey

If you?re travelling to Turkey, you need a visa ? or an e-visa, to be more precise. It?s a simple online process that takes no time at all to fill...
25-04-2019 17:57

Spring Break and Beyond: Cancun’s Resorts and Beaches

First, a Little History Cancun is synonymous with partying and youthful celebrations. But it wasn?t always like that. The Mayans occupied this ...
25-04-2019 17:57

Five things to do in Singapore

Situated in Marina Bay, this oasis in the middle of the urban jungle provides visitors with a breath of fresh air and a real taste of nature. The ...
23-04-2019 18:10

Minority Sights of the UK

For travellers visiting the Sceptred Isles with an interest in architecture or a fascination with history, the natural sightseeing gravity pulls y...
23-04-2019 18:10

Countryside Luxury at White Water Farm, Stanford

Mountains unfolding behind nguni cattle, honey-dipped horses grazing on green hills as the day?s last light catches them and the sound of pebbles bein...
18-04-2019 17:53

Planning a Trip" Here Are The Easiest Ways to Save Mone

There are many things that you will need to check on, both the airfare and with your travels in general. I?ve added this post into the blog because of...
17-04-2019 17:56
03-04-2019 17:53

Win 2 Nights at De Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa

Are you keen on a 2 night getaway at De Hoop Nature Reserve for you and your family" Enter before 7 April 2019 and you stand a chance to win a 2 night...
02-04-2019 17:54

3 Famous Walking Tours in Europe

The world is brimming with incredible sights and exceptional places ? too many to explore in a single lifetime. Sometimes, when you?re visiting so...
01-04-2019 17:53

Gaudi architecture in Barcelona – What to see and why&

The first notable building, Casa Vicens – Casa Vicens is the residence building and an outstanding example of Gaudi architecture. Noted as one o...
01-04-2019 17:53

Prepare for the Ultimate Trip to Bali

Surrounded by crystal clear waters and golden sands, Bali is one of the top destinations for tourists everywhere. Also known as the Island of the Gods...
25-03-2019 17:52

5 Spots in Asia You Shouldn?t Miss

Want time away from the bright city lights" Grown weary and want to rejuvenate your spirits" Well, here comes Asia ? home to delightful food, holy ...
25-03-2019 17:52

10 Romantic Things to do in London that will make your Heart

London could be a paradise if you are looking for a perfect getaway with your loved one. Check out the following list of places where you can spend so...
20-03-2019 17:53

Walking in the footsteps of the faithful

Travel and faith are both as old as the world itself. Ever since we walked away from the trees, we wondered about who put them there, built places to ...
20-03-2019 17:53

Why Melbourne Is A Must For Any Trip Down Under

Every year, millions of travellers are seduced by the diverse landscapes, vast open spaces and beautiful beaches of Australia. With year round sunshin...
16-03-2019 17:52

What to expect for a weekend getaway in… Bristol

Suggesting a bridge as the first attraction to visit for a city might not sound overly inspiring, but give us time. The Clifton Suspension Brid...
16-03-2019 17:52

Everything You Need To Know About ETA Canada

What is it in the first place" ETA stands for ?Electronic Travel Authorization?, a legal document which is required if you plan on entering Can...
14-03-2019 17:52

Three Authentic Altitude Adventures

The trailhead for the four-day adventure to the hidden city of the Incas begins in Cusco, the Peruvian city that floats in the high altitudes at 3...
13-03-2019 17:55

10 ways to get back in shape before the summer

1) Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids. You are to be drinking half your body weight in ounces. So keep track of your water intake, it is a natu...
11-03-2019 17:53

Get Active, Support & Win a Break away!

Do you enjoy getting outdoors and being active with your family in Cape Town" Then join us for a walk, run, ride or even skip on 13 April at the Cape ...
10-03-2019 17:53

Nothing But the Bare Essentials: The Minimalist Traveling Ki

There?s a unique magic to be found in the adventures we have when we travel. The beauty of being able to experience a world that?s alien to that o...
07-03-2019 17:53

Top Nature Experiences Home to Africa Alone

Africa is home to some of the most extraordinary sights and experiences on earth; here are our favourites: Luxury Safaris  When planning a ...
04-03-2019 17:53

Smart guide to plan a Washington trip

The great thing about Washington is that there is never an unfortunate time to visit it. Here is something going on virtually any time of the year...
04-03-2019 17:53

5 Tips to Be a Successful Digital Nomad

Living the life of a digital nomad sounds exciting and super easy. All you do is travel around and do a little bit of work, right" Although at ...
04-03-2019 17:53

Must-Do Activities During Your Trip to the Bahamas

When you think of the Bahamas, the first thing you think of is white sand beaches. And for good reason! The country is known for its iconic beache...
04-03-2019 17:53

Exploring Bermuda with Celebrity Cruises

If words like ?cruising?, ?travel? and ?adventure? speak to your soul, then teaming up with Celebrity Cruises is what you?ll want to do. The cruis...
07-02-2019 17:53

Traveling with your date to an exotic location – The P

Traveling to an exotic location with someone special is always an extraordinary feeling, but for many couples traveling for the first time togethe...
06-02-2019 17:49

Ramadan Travel Tips

One of the most important periods in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a month of fasting, purity, and reconnecting with faith. Muslims across ...
06-02-2019 17:49

Goodbye to SA?s Original Digital Storyteller.

So there we were atop Table Mountain. It was cold, windy as hell and the rain thrashed down. But there she was, adamant that to do her Instastory and ...
24-01-2019 17:53

Cebu Canyoneering: Why Travellers Must Try It

As a traveler, what considerations do you go for — fun" scenery" something new" opportunity for group fellowship" Or, affordability" With Cebu c...
21-01-2019 17:52

Why travellers might need these 5 types of insurance

Travel is often a way to escape the stresses of everyday life, but it can sometimes be hard to leave them behind completely. Before you head off, ...
21-01-2019 17:52

The Perfect One Week Itinerary for Morocco

With so many places to see and experience in Morocco, it can be a little overwhelming deciding which places to add your one-week itinerary.  Well...
21-01-2019 17:52

4 Awesome Locations to Visit During Your Trip to Australia

The city of Sydney is a hotspot for tourists looking to find as much local culture as they can. This popular location has what every urbanite expe...
21-01-2019 17:52

Your Must-Know Tips for the Ultimate Cross-Country Trip

Check Your Car Out Thoroughly  Even if you aren?t on the lookout for Kijiji family cars, it doesn?t mean that your work is done as far as your ...
14-01-2019 17:53

3 USA Travel Destinations That Sports Enthusiasts Must Visit

New York is a sporting mecca for fans all over the world. It is composed of ten professional sports teams, men and women, that offer fans a wide a...
08-01-2019 17:52

Luxury Stays with Kids: South Africa

Birthday girl running into the Karoo… Kids and luxury don?t always go together; fine dining, elaborate decor and beautiful, breakable things are ...
20-12-2018 17:50

Where To Volunteer, An Overview of Top Volunteering Location

Volunteering abroad is an incredible opportunity to combine seeing a new country and culture with helping others and giving back. With volunteerin...
19-12-2018 17:49
19-12-2018 17:49

Summer Destinations fit for Royalty

Some people just know how to vacation – they pick out picture perfect places, stay at luxury hotels and resorts with service at their beck and c...
18-12-2018 17:51

Thinking of a Winter Holiday" The UK’s Busiest Ai

If you?re planning a winter getaway this Christmas, you?ll definitely be thinking about how to get to the airport on time for that all important fligh...
18-12-2018 17:51

Travel “Must Haves” of 2018 Reviewed

No matter how much you love your existing Italian leather wallet, a dedicated travel wallet or a set of travel organizers is a must have. These or...
15-12-2018 17:46

2018 ASUS ZenBook 13 (UX333) Review

Best office ever! Before we get into this review, let me just state upfront that this isn?t an exhaustive ?technical? review. We are tech-savvy tra...
14-12-2018 17:45
13-12-2018 17:51

The Big Apple: Top 3 Ways to Explore and Maneuver Around New

If you?ve never been to New York City, I?m sure you?ve seen enough television shows and movies to know that it can be quite hectic when it comes t...
12-12-2018 17:52

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

The Mount Everest Base Camp trek is located in Nepal at an altitude of 17,598 ft. (5,364 meters). The Beginning and ending in Kathmandu is the cl...
12-12-2018 17:52

5 Things to Discover at The Valley of Flowers – Dzükou

Photo by Alosh Bennett, CC BY 2.0 There is one scene in every romcom Bollywood movie or typical song you remember where the lead actors dance in some...
26-11-2018 17:52

An Insider?s Guide to Berlin: a German Wonderland

Over the last decade Berlin has steadily become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for millennials to hang out and live. Less touristy tha...
26-11-2018 17:52

Bolivia: Cholita wrestling- brawls and back flips!

What on earth is going on" I?m sitting on a rickety bench makeshift warehouse. Daylight filters in through the rafters, dimly illuminating the ring in...
21-11-2018 17:52

How to Gradually Expand How Far You Travel

Humans are habitual and, at heart, homebodies. If you find that you keep sticking within the same close or familiar circles when you travel, it’ll t...
19-11-2018 17:52

Thailand’s Education System: A Guide For Expat Parents

Southeast Asia is one of the regions in the continent that expatriates often flock to. But if there’s one country in the region that remains popular...
12-11-2018 17:53

The MSC Musica has arrived in South African waters!

Set Sail! If you?ve ever had even a remote desire to spend your vacation cruising the sea?s, then now is the right time to act on that desire. MSC ha...
12-11-2018 17:53

What to Know about Flight Delays and Cancellation Before You

There are some things in life that you simply can’t control. No matter how carefully you prepare for your next family holiday or big trip, there’s...
08-11-2018 17:52

10 Best Cities to live in Florida

Moving to Florida can be one of the most exciting, yet stressful decisions you could possibly make! Before finding your dream home, you will need to l...
31-10-2018 17:51

SANParks reaches new heights with MyPlanet Rhino Fund

By now, we all know the positive effect animal conservation and eco-friendly initiatives can have on our world ? but often we don?t realise the change...
30-10-2018 17:53

5 Creative Ways To Save For a Vacation

According to Credit Donkey, the average person spends about $1,200 on a vacation each year, or $4,800 for a family of four, including transportation,...
29-10-2018 17:53

Best Cape Town experiences to savour

Photo by Unsplash Cape Town is, by all accounts, a really special city. Blessed with incredible mountain and ocean views, glorious winelands and an im...
29-10-2018 17:53

Must-see sights and cities in Italy to visit

Photo by Unsplash Italy is synonymous with so many wonderful things? A rich, world-relevant history, incredible olden day architecture, stunning citie...
19-10-2018 17:53

6 things we wish we’d known before traveling as a coup

Budget or luxury, you can have an amazing time A luxury trip, for most people, is not an everyday occurrence, although there are ways to enjoy luxury...
19-10-2018 17:53

Sri Lanka 101: The Best Places In Sri Lanka To Visit

As a traveler, Asia and its many countries, may have likely piqued your interest. You may have thought of going to India, or to Thailand, or to Japa...
11-10-2018 17:52

Gorilla tracking in Uganda – an unforgettable experien

If you love adventures, and you want to spend your life on the road, exploring the beauties of the world, then your bucket list definitely includes go...
11-10-2018 17:52

The most useful apps for traveling in the South Caucasus

  No matter how painful it is to realize, we are completely dependent on gadgets. Today, you can do almost everything with the help of your phone. Y...
11-10-2018 17:52

4 Great Tips For Planning a Luxury Vacation on a Budget

In the last year, the amount of money Americans spent on vacations has risen nearly 13 percent. Many analysts agree that this rise in vacation spendin...
09-10-2018 17:53

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