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Travel News

7 days in Ireland: one week Ireland itinerary

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! Today?s epic post is a one week Ireland itinerary and it?s by Sian from Ireland Before you Die. Ireland is suc...
07-06-2021 14:12

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 Review: Pain-free hair removal at ho

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! I?ve been using the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 for 14 weeks now so I thought it was time to share my review. This...
07-06-2021 14:12

April in my garden: My monthly garden update #2

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! I?m so pleased I?m writing these monthly garden updates because it?s so lovely to see the progress I?ve alread...
07-06-2021 14:12

May in my garden: My monthly garden update #3

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! Well these months come around quickly don?t they! It?s not a massive update from me this month because all I c...
07-06-2021 14:12

A perfect Scottish Highlands tour: An epic 9-day itinerary

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! Today’s post is a 9-day Scottish Highlands tour by Katie from Best Scottish Tours. This is such an epic Scot...
07-06-2021 14:12

50 things to do in Rome

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! Whether you?re visiting Rome for the first, second or seventh time, there are so many things to do in Rome I d...
07-06-2021 14:12

16 tips to create more content for your blog with limited ti

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! One of the main conversations I have with bloggers who want to grow their blogs is around creating more conten...
07-06-2021 14:12

Weekend Itinerary to Sibiu, Romania: The Best of Sibiu

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! Planning to spend a weekend in Sibiu" Great! Sean Lau from Living Out Lau is here today to share the perfect S...
07-06-2021 14:12

Holiday caravans: Everything you need to know about static c

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! Holiday caravans are booming in the UK this year! We?re all looking for affordable staycations and a holiday c...
07-06-2021 14:12

10 things to do in Chester city centre

There\'s a new post on The Travel Hack! If you’re looking for things to do in Chester then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve lived on the out...
07-06-2021 14:12

10 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

If you?re looking for sustainable Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones this year then you?ve come to the right place! I love Christmas and, if I?m...
08-12-2020 17:49

Our Christmas Eve Boxes and why we?re changing the tradition

Christmas Eve boxes are a fairly new trend in the UK! I think we?ve adopted Christmas Eve traditions from a few different countries and made our own n...
01-12-2020 17:56

Self care Sunday: Why my self care routine is different!

This self care Sunday post has been created in partnership with WeDrifters and their gorgeous loungewear with anti-insect technology. There?s more inf...
27-11-2020 17:58

Micralite ProFold compact stroller review: The best in one-h

Today I?m reviewing the Micralite ProFold, a compact stroller perfect for both travelling and everyday adventures. As the name suggests, it?s the fold...
25-11-2020 17:58

The Barceló Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deal for a

This post about the Barceló Black Friday Travel Deal has been sponsored by Barceló Hotels Group. Are you booking any holidays for 2021" It?s the quest...
24-11-2020 17:56

How to get your baby to sleep through the night in their own

If you want to know how to get your baby to sleep through the night and in their own bed then you?ve come to the right place! Today I?m sharing what w...
23-11-2020 17:56

A beginner?s guide to using beeswax wraps: Colourful reusabl

If you?re trying to cut down on the amount of single use plastic you use then I can?t recommend beeswax wraps enough. I?ve been using beeswax wraps fo...
18-11-2020 17:56

Getting started with natural beauty products and homemade fa

I?m fairly new to using natural beauty products but I?ve had loads of questions from you guys about what I?m using, how I?m using them and what I thin...
12-11-2020 17:51

How I lost my baby weight

Today?s post about how I lost my baby weight was a requested post from a fair few Instagram followers. Now before I begin, I want to acknowledge that ...
11-11-2020 17:55

What was the second lockdown like in Wales and tips to get t

We?re almost two weeks into our second lockdown in Wales and as England are going into their second lockdown, I thought I?d share some tips that have ...
05-11-2020 17:56

How small businesses can use social media to promote themsel

COVID-19 has affected us all in one way or another but small businesses have really felt the impact of lockdown. Being closed for weeks on end combine...
02-11-2020 17:56

Lockdown Halloween: How to make the most of Halloween at hom

We?ve got a few days until Halloween and it?s not too late to make it something special! And, let?s be honest, we all need a bit of excitement in our ...
29-10-2020 17:58

My blogging Q&A for 2020: Is it worth starting a blog i

I asked if you had any blogging related questions on Instagram stories last night and when the questions started coming in I realised they all require...
28-10-2020 17:50

33 thoughts about turning 33

I?ve recently turned 33 and I?m finally getting to an age where I don?t feel like a kid anymore – yes, at the age of 33! For the past 10 years or so...
25-10-2020 17:57

My Facebook page was hacked and I lost my blue tick and almo

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. We?ve all heard this phrase but we?re only human and most of us are still intrigued by something...
23-10-2020 17:49

Why you should create a capsule wardrobe

Today I want to talk about creating a capsule wardrobe because since I discovered this way of organising my clothes it has totally changed my life. OK...
22-10-2020 17:56

What?s the best age gap between children"

Oh it?s the big dilemma isn?t it. You?ve had one child and you?re starting to think about having a second but how long do you leave it" What is the be...
16-10-2020 17:57

Magical Woodland Review: A magical outdoor experience in Che

Today I?m sharing my Magical Woodland review, a music and lights experience in a Cheshire woodland. If you?ve enjoyed The Lanterns at Chester Zoo, you...
12-10-2020 18:00

Icelandic Fishmas and making the best homemade fish and chip

Have yourself a merry little Fishmas? Hang on, that?s not right. Or is it" Today I want to tell you about Fishmas and my posh, homemade fish and chips...
09-10-2020 17:59

11 incredible highlights from 11 years as a travel blogger

It was hard to pick just 11 but here are 11 highlights from my time as a travel blogger! The post 11 incredible highlights from 11 years as a travel b...
07-10-2020 18:02

What is a life coach" My experience with life coaching

A blog post about my personal experience with a life coach and I explain what a life coach does and how they can help. The post What is a life coach" ...
06-10-2020 18:01

Who is Monica Lucy"

Who is Monica Lucy" Well hello and welcome to the all new! Well this is exciting isn?t it. What do you think of the new name and the ne...
05-10-2020 17:53

Why now is the time to pivot 

  So you saw yesterday?s post explaining that I?m quitting travel blogging.  I?m sure you got to the end of that post and felt a little confused. I ...
01-10-2020 18:01

I?m quitting travel blogging

    OK, it?s bit of a bombshell for today?s post…but maybe not a huge surprise?" I?ve been thinking about this for a very, very long time. About 3...
29-09-2020 18:02

A historical cycling tour on Anglesey with Green Lane Bike T

There?s something magical about Anglesey that gives me tingles whenever I cross the bridge. The beautiful island on the northwest coast of Wales is on...
29-09-2020 18:02

Beekeeping with Anglesey Bees

Ahhh honey. Runny honey and cloudy honey, grainy honey and smooth honey, honey like silk and honey like treacle. I love honey and, as a consequence of...
23-09-2020 18:01

Visiting Alton Towers during the Covid-19 pandemic

Alton Towers is a place of childhood dreams so we were really excited to take our kids there last week. After a long and difficult summer, it was the ...
08-09-2020 18:01

The Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire’s answer to Stonehen

Today’s Hidden Gem has been sent in by Jessica Friend from The Weekend Tourist as she’d like to share more about The Rollright Stones, a hidden ge...
29-07-2020 17:54
08-07-2020 17:55

What’s it like to have three children"

    Three kids. Wow, that?s a lot isn?t it! We?re nearly nine months into having three children now so I thought it was time for an update to tell y...
01-07-2020 17:53

Chee Dale: A secret alternative to the Monsal Trail in the P

Today’s hidden gem about Chee Dale in the Peak District is by Rob Haggan from The Outdoor Adventure Blog. Rob thinks Chee Dale is the perfect altern...
27-06-2020 17:51

What are Blue Zones" And what can Blue Zones teach us a

    Have you heard about Blue Zones" Blue Zones are areas in the world where people live considerably longer than average.    A few years ago I ha...
26-06-2020 17:49

Seal spotting in Scotland at Newburgh Beach, Aberdeenshire

Today’s blog comes from Sophie, the blogger behind Sophie’s Suitcase. Sophie wants to share more about the gorgeous Newburgh Beach in Aberdeenshir...
19-06-2020 17:49

Anderton Nature Park, a hidden gem in Cheshire 

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts about the UK’s hidden gems. I don’t know about you, but since lockdown began I’ve discovered so m...
18-06-2020 17:52

India: Tips for planning your holiday to Kerala

This post about tips for planning your holiday to Kerala has been sponsored by Kerala Tourism.   If you?re planning a holiday to Kerala, or you?re st...
15-06-2020 17:49

50 things to buy before having a baby

If you?re expecting your first baby and you?re starting to think about the products you need to buy then I?m sure you?ve already realised what a minef...
13-06-2020 17:49

How to organise, store and share your travel photos

Now is a great time to be organising your travel photos and finding some kind of storage and display solution for all those gorgeous travel memories. ...
11-06-2020 18:14

Experiencialism: What is it and how it can lead to a happier

Experiencialism is probably something you?ve come across already, but might not have seen it called this. Experiencialism is the thought that experien...
03-06-2020 17:53

How to continue travel blogging after having kids

I?ve finally written this post after lots of requests by my fellow travel bloggers who are having babies or thinking about having children in the futu...
18-05-2020 17:51

The Nighthawk M2 Mobile Router: Work from anywhere with this

Now more than ever I?m feeling eternally grateful that I have the kind of career that allows me to work from anywhere. And for an increasing number of...
18-04-2020 17:51

I spent £250 on skincare products?.here?s what happened

We?re going off-topic today as I?ll like to share some honest reviews of a beauty product haul I did last year. I spent £250 on skincare products and ...
08-04-2020 17:49

Hunter Valley Wine Tours: Finding the perfect Hunter Valley

Today?s blog post is coming from Australia and is in collaboration with Tastes of the Hunter Wine Tours. Suzanne Sheldon shares all of her insider tip...
07-04-2020 17:49

Things I wish I?d known before I had my first baby

You may have seen that I?ve set myself a challenge to create 31 new blog posts. I had this wonderful vision of writing a new blog post every day but i...
05-04-2020 17:50

Review: Like Mother Like Daughter by Elle Croft

If you?re looking for a book to lose yourself in then I have just the book for you. It?s one of those you can really get your teeth into. The kind of ...
29-03-2020 17:52

31 day blog post challenge

If you follow my Instagram stories you will have seen that I recently did a shout out for blog post ideas. I have this problem where I sway between ha...
28-03-2020 17:51

Simple, sustainable ways to help your wallet AND the environ

In these crazy times, I feel that now more than ever, we need to be thinking about simple ways to save money, save the environment and buy things that...
24-03-2020 17:49

Working from home with kids around: How to get your work don

I?d been planning on writing this post for ages and now I can?t think of a better time to share my tips and advice on working from home with kids at h...
23-03-2020 17:52

Travelling home from Tenerife during lockdown

It?s been two weeks since I posted an update on The Travel Hack and, wow, what a difference two weeks made! It feels like we?re all holding our breath...
17-03-2020 17:49

Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan

  Today’s blog post about things to do in Taipei, Taiwan, is written by travel and culture writer Jessica Chen.   So you?re going to Taipei and yo...
04-03-2020 17:48

Sandmarc lens review: Game-changers for your mobile photogra

Last year I was sent two Sandmarc iPhone camera lenses to review and I?m so excited to share this review with you because I absolutely LOVE these lens...
03-03-2020 17:49

Review: Aston Rose Pushchair by Ickle Bubba 

The Aston Rose pushchair is Ickle Bubba?s latest pushchair and we were lucky enough to be sent one to review when it was released in November 2019. We...
20-02-2020 17:48

Combermere Abbey Cottages: A luxurious family retreat

Our weekend trip to Combermere Abbey was gifted. This is our experience of a family staycation in their Wellington Cottage.   We visited Combermere A...
19-02-2020 17:48

A Foodie Guide to the Lake District

I’m not sure when it happened but did you know that the Lake District has become a real foodie destination" With gastro pubs aplenty as well as styl...
10-02-2020 17:49

Mum Hacks: My 15 favourite recent Amazon purchases for mum l

This post contains affiliate links.   I have a confession to make today. I am an Amazon Prime addict. I order something via Amazon Prime almost every...
04-02-2020 17:48

What happens when a blogger has a bad press trip"

This is a question I?m asked about all the time so I thought it was finally time I addressed it in a blog post! When people realise that a big part of...
28-01-2020 17:50

20 things I want to do in 2020

Last year I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to do with the boys throughout the year. It was mostly ideas for days out so we wouldn?t waste our...
23-01-2020 17:47

Our first three months with our baby girl

I?d like to introduce you to someone very special. Say hello to our baby girl, Alba Rose. Alba arrived in October weighing 7lb and she?s a snuggly bun...
21-01-2020 17:48

10 New Year?s resolutions worth keeping

We?re 15 days into January and, according to statistics, 33% of people will have given up on their New Year?s resolutions already. Yes, January 12th i...
15-01-2020 17:55

How we booked our cheapest family villa holiday yet!

Let?s not beat around the bush here, family holidays are expensive. As soon as children are two years old you need to pay full price for their airfare...
09-01-2020 18:07

Travel Hacks for Orlando

This post about travel hacks for Orlando has been created in collaboration with Klook, an online platform to book travel activities such as attraction...
09-01-2020 18:07

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Review: Time + Tide Kakuli, South Luangwa National Park (Zambia)

Review: Time + Tide Kakuli, South Luangwa Nat...

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Travel Hack: When To Book Flights And Hotels

Travel Hack: When To Book Flights And Hotels

When’s the right time to book that flight or hotel room" Travelers can save significant sums on plane tickets and accommodation, if they schedule their itineraries and bookings right. Flights and accommodation in the Asia-Pacific may cost less if... -
A Day Trip to Delft, Netherlands

A Day Trip to Delft, Netherlands

A medium sized city just a 30 minute tram ride from The Hague, Delft is surely the most picturesque stop on any traveller’s Netherlands tour. Known for its blue and white ceramics and beautiful old town, Delft was my favourite find on this trip... -
How to get your baby to sleep through the night in their own bed

How to get your baby to sleep through the nig...

If you want to know how to get your baby to sleep through the night and in their own bed then you?ve come to the right place! Today I?m sharing what we did to get our baby to sleep through the night and some tips to help you transition your baby... -
13 Exciting Things to Do in Jordan That Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags Now

13 Exciting Things to Do in Jordan That Will ...

There are so many things to do in Jordan, you will want at least a couple of weeks to visit. From the thriving metropolis of Amman to the quiet retreat of the Feynan Ecolodge, there is something for everyone. Jordan. The jewel of the Middle East.... -
Buying a static caravan: Is this the cheapest and easiest way to own a ‘holiday home’

Buying a static caravan: Is this the cheapest...

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Amsterdam Photo Diary

Amsterdam Photo Diary

I hardly know where to begin when it comes to selecting a reasonable amount of images to portray my time in Amsterdam (believe me, there were A LOT to choose from). These few days flew by so quickly and, if it weren’t for my desire to see more of... -
How to Murder your Life Book Review

How to Murder your Life Book Review

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Anassa Hotel: Absolutely Review’s Cypru...

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California Road Trip – The Perfect Two ...

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