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Mizen Head, Ireland: Where Sea Meets Sky at the Extreme Edge

Venture to the very edge of Europe to Mizen Head, Ireland where the sea meets the sky.  Every now and then a shipping boat can be seen passing by. Thi...
11-11-2018 17:51

Loy Krathong and Yi Peng – A Guide to The Lantern Fest

One of the most beautiful celebrations in Thailand is definitely Loy Krathong (also spelled Loi Krathong) in Chiang Mai. It takes place at the same ti...
05-11-2018 17:53

Things to do in Lake Tahoe – Your Winter Travel Guide

Lake Tahoe is California\'s winter getaway. The movie stars jet up to its 5-star resorts to get away from the hustle and bustle of L.A. and it\'s an o...
01-11-2018 17:53

Where to Stay in New York City

Choosing where to stay in New York City can be time-consuming because there are so many unique neighborhoods around the city. This guide will help you...
29-10-2018 17:54

Gifts for Travelers – 55 Unique Ideas for 2019

After trying countless products over more than a decade of travel, we\'ve narrowed down the best gifts for travelers that have been tested by yours tr...
28-10-2018 17:52

Spa Etiquette – From Stripping to Tipping

Everything you need to know about spa etiquette. From stripping to tipping! Spa Etiquette Tips Going to the spa for the first time can be a daunting e...
26-10-2018 17:54

The Cliffs of Moher: Tips for Visiting The Pinnacle of Irela

The Cliffs of Moher offer visitors an awe-inspiring vista of cliff and sea, channeling the feeling of being at the bow of a ship and looking out onto ...
26-10-2018 17:54

Things to do in Bologna, 10 Must See Attractions

Staying in Bologna for an extended period of time allowed us to truly experience Italy like a local. It rivals Florence or Pisa and there are so many ...
25-10-2018 17:54

Things to do in Beijing – How to Make the Most of Your

Whether you are passing through and taking advantage of the 144-hour Visa-free transit policy or visiting China and making a stop in Beijing, this gui...
23-10-2018 17:52

Poulnabrone Dolmen: The Eerie Marvel of Ireland?s Biggest Po

It seems as though Ireland is full of dramatic, atmospheric sites, and Poulnabrone Dolmen is yet another one that confirms this. As one of Ireland?s m...
20-10-2018 17:53

Where to stay in Rome

Choosing where to stay in Rome doesn\'t have to be difficult. Once you understand the layout of the city and how to navigate the different neighborhoo...
17-10-2018 17:53

Things to do in Hong Kong – The Complete Travel Guide

Looking for things to do in Hong Kong" This comprehensive guide will give you all the tools you need to make the most of your time in Asia\'s most exc...
15-10-2018 17:51

Day Trips from Cancun – 15 Awesome Escapes in Mexico

Looking for the best day trips from Cancun, Mexico to get away from your all-inclusive vacation" We have chosen twelve of our favorites to help you ge...
15-10-2018 17:51

Newgrange: Visit Ireland’s Ancient Passage Tomb

Newgrange, Ireland. The ?Jewel in the Crown of Ireland\'s Ancient East,? as it?s referred to?and for good reason. This massive passage tomb is more th...
13-10-2018 17:52

Most Haunted Places in New Orleans – How to Explore th

New Orleans has a fascinating history. There has been a lot of intrigue, mystery, and murder throughout its 300-year existence giving the dead good re...
10-10-2018 17:53

Dunnet Head, Scotland: Panoramic Views, WWII Bunkers, and a

Perhaps one of the pinnacles of Scotland?s wild, untamed landscape lies in the far north of the highlands. Dunnet Head is a located along Scotland\'s ...
07-10-2018 17:53

Slow Travel Guide to Cairo, Egypt – Insider Tips to Di

Cairo based travel blogger Dee Nowak, shares her insider tips on how to travel to Cairo, Egypt slowly. This slow travel guide takes you away from the ...
04-10-2018 17:54

Clava Cairns, Scotland: Stone Circles and a Mysterious Porta

Only six miles east of Inverness and 1.5 Miles (2.4km) away from Culloden Battlefield lies a site that is both beautiful and mysterious. Clava Cairns ...
26-09-2018 17:53

Where to Stay in Montreal ? A Guide To The Best Places and N

Choosing where to stay in Montreal can be time-consuming because there are so many unique neighborhoods around the city. This guide will help you unde...
22-09-2018 17:52

10 Reasons You Should Travel To Bolivia

Nat and George of a Hot Minute share all the reasons you should travel to Bolivia right now!  Cities at insane altitudes. Bitterly cold nights. No hab...
18-09-2018 17:53

Culloden Battlefield, Scotland: An Immersive Tribute to an E

For those interested in experiencing a slight deviation from Scotland?s brilliant scenery, a trip to the site of the last battle to be fought on Briti...
15-09-2018 17:53

Where to Stay in Edinburgh ? A Guide To The Best Places and

When visiting a new city, choosing accommodation can be confusing. Local writer Karen Worrall shares her expertise on where to stay in Edinburgh and a...
09-09-2018 17:59

Dunrobin Castle: A Fantasy-Like Castle in Northern Scotland

Visiting Scotland\'s North Coast" Make sure to add Dunrobin Castle to your itinerary.  The Scottish Highlands are home to arguably one of the most dra...
05-09-2018 17:58

Where to Stay in Singapore ? A Guide To The Best Neighborhoo

Where to stay in Singapore: A local\'s advice on the best area to stay and the best hotels in Singapore for all budgets. We break down 5 different nei...
01-09-2018 18:02

Thailand Travel Tips – Things to Know Before you Go

These Thailand travel tips will help you prepare for your first adventure to South East Asia and set you up with the tools and knowledge you\'ll need ...
30-08-2018 17:57

Where to Stay in Florence – Insider Tips to the Best A

Choosing where to stay in Florence can be difficult because there is so much to see around the city. Luckily, because the city is so compact, no matte...
28-08-2018 17:58

Meet the Little Spirits of Japan?s Okunoin Cemetery At Night

Guest writer Talek Nantes shares his experience visiting Okunoin Cemetery at night on Koya-san in Japan.  Okunoin Cemetery At Night The lights from th...
14-08-2018 17:55

Where to Stay in Hong Kong – A Guide to Best Places an

Where to stay in Hong Kong: A local\'s advice on the best areas to stay and the best hotels in Hong Kong for all budgets. She breaks down five differe...
10-08-2018 17:57

15 Stunning Photos to Inspire You to visit Morocco

If these pictures by Niclas of Dane on a Plane don\'t inspire you to visit Morocco, nothing will!  Photos to Inspire you To Visit Morocco By Dane on a...
07-08-2018 17:58

Where to Stay in Bangkok – A Guide to the Best Neighbo

Let\'s face it, this is a massive city. That can make it more than a little confusing when you are looking for where to stay in Bangkok or deciding on...
02-08-2018 17:57

10 Most Romantic Italian Coastal Towns for Couples

We are excited to have Michael and Alexandra back to share their favourite Italian coastal towns for couples to visit. Not only is it filled with info...
31-07-2018 17:59

32 Things to do in Ottawa – A Complete Guide to Canada

When people think of visiting Canada\'s capital, a trip to the Parliament buildings and skating on the Rideau Canal are always at the top of the list....
27-07-2018 17:59

Where To Stay In London ? A Guide to The Best Areas

London is one expensive town and renting an apartment for the duration of time you are there will help save a lot of money. We have never done apartm...
23-07-2018 17:58

10 Great Things to do in Pai

In this blog post, Thailand expert and enthusiast Mariska from Go To Thailand shares 10 great things to do in Pai, Thailand. 10 Things to do in Pai Pa...
20-07-2018 17:58

6 Reasons you Need Medical Evacuation Protection

A travel emergency can quickly turn a dream trip into a medical and financial nightmare. And that is why you need medical evacuation protection.  Dave...
18-07-2018 17:59

Nordik Spa Nature – A Guide to Ottawa’s Luxury S

Just a 20 minute drive from downtown Ottawa is a quiet forest oasis known as the Nordik Spa-Nature. We arrived an hour before opening to capture photo...
16-07-2018 17:59

Big Summer Giveaway – Win a Stand Up Paddleboard by Bo

It\'s been awhile since we\'ve had a good old-fashioned giveaway on The Planet D. But when Body Glove contacted us to try out their new Performer 11 i...
15-07-2018 17:59

Top 7 Things To Do In Rishikesh, India

Yoga instructor Manmohan Singh takes us to the land of divinity, yoga, and adventure in India. Explore the blog and guide yourself towards the list of...
08-07-2018 18:01

5 Authentic Cusco Restaurants Where you Can Eat Like a Local

Food experts Rosemary and Claire of Authentic Food Quest share their favourite Cusco restaurants where you can eat like a local and enjoy an authentic...
30-06-2018 17:59

23 of the Most Iconic Places to Visit in Australia

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by FlightCentre. If you are planning a trip, they offer tours and flights to all of the iconic places to visit...
27-06-2018 18:02

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Bolivian Amaz

You can get to the Amazon rainforest from several countries in South America thanks to its central location but visiting the Bolivian Amazon certainly...
25-06-2018 17:59

7 Things to do in Hanoi – Complete Guide To A Kid-frie

Family travel expert Karin Louzado shares the best things to do in Hanoi with the kids after taking the family on a business trip to Vietnam. 7 Things...
20-06-2018 18:02

53 Best Things to do in Toronto – A Complete Guide to

There are so many things to do in Toronto it can be difficult to know where to start. Being one of the most multiculturally diverse cities on the plan...
19-06-2018 18:03

Things to do in Isle of Man: 3 Adventures You Have to Try

Off the west coast of England, nestled halfway between the shores of Cumbria and Northern Ireland, the cliffs, beaches and seaside towns of the Isle o...
14-06-2018 18:02

The Very Best Healthy Travel Snacks for a Long Flight

This post is brought to you by Montmorency Tart Cherries. They can be bought at supermarkets or online. All opinions and healthy travel snack suggesti...
10-06-2018 18:00

World Oceans Day – 10 Ways to Save the Oceans

This week we celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, and on Friday, June 8 we celebrate World Oceans Day. Around the world, there are a dedicated n...
06-06-2018 18:04

Budapest Bamako Rally – The Ultimate Overlanding Adven

If you?re into overlanding, you have several different options to choose from in terms of how you can organize your trip. You can be spontaneous, pack...
04-06-2018 18:04

Bolivia Salt Flats – An Incredible Journey in Photos

?You will love it!? were the words we had heard from other travelers every time we mentioned our plan to travel to the Bolivia Salt Flats. They are th...
01-06-2018 18:05

Halong Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay – How to Choose Your Cru

Andrzej & Jolene from Wanderlust Storytellers share their tips for choosing between a Halong Bay cruise or to visit the lesser known Bai Tu Long Bay i...
01-06-2018 18:05

7 Unusual Things to Do in Kyiv, Ukraine

Guest writer and local guide Victoria shares her list of the best and most unique things to do in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Kyiv is one of the most amazing citi...
26-05-2018 18:03

Photo Safari Tips: How get the best Pictures on your next Af

Are you looking to capture the best images on your next photo safari in Africa" After photographing many different safaris in Africa as well as Polar ...
22-05-2018 18:07

7 Reasons to Visit Tuscany

Guest writer Kate Storm shares her best reasons everyone should visit Tuscany. We add some of our favourite tips as well!  There?s a reason that Tusca...
20-05-2018 18:03

In Search of Wildlife and the Chinese Mountain Cat on the Ti

Margarita Steinhardt of The Wildlife Diaries takes us to the Tibetan Plateau in search of the elusive Chinese Mountain Cat and other fascinating wildl...
17-05-2018 18:07

Dundas West Fest – A Little Bit of NOLA Comes to Toron

Having visited New Orleans a couple of times, most recently this February, Dave and I jumped on the chance to partner with Street Brass for the upcomi...
15-05-2018 18:08

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik – A Guide to the Best Neigh

Finding where to stay in Dubrovnik can be difficult and you need to be equipped with the right tools. It?s a choice that can color your whole experien...
13-05-2018 18:03

The Most Uncomfortable Night of My Life: Overcoming Travel M

Guest writer Danny Newman shares how overcoming travel mistakes can lead to great memories, lots of laughs and new perspectives on life.   Travel is f...
11-05-2018 18:04

18 Things to do in Bhutan – A Comprehensive Guide of W

Many people only spend a few days in Bhutan due to it\'s $250 per person per day fee. It can be difficult choosing what to see and do to make the most...
08-05-2018 18:03

17 Things to do in Montego Bay – The Best Excursions a

Montego Bay is the best-known destination in Jamaica. Perhaps in all the Caribbean considering, it has one of the busiest airports in the islands. Mon...
04-05-2018 18:04

The Best Prague Cafés for Gourmet Coffee & Cakes

Veronika from TravelGeekery shares here guide for the best Prague cafés.  Where are the coolest hipster cafés in Prague you ask" Well, they are not on...
02-05-2018 18:04

7 Alternative Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan

Looking for things to do in Taipei" Local writer Teresa Ho shares her to 7 Alternative Places to Visit in Taipei, Taiwan Things to do in Taipei Locate...
29-04-2018 18:01

Where to Stay in Seoul – A Guide to the Best Neighborh

Choosing where to stay in Seoul can be difficult. For the first time visitor, it can be overwhelming. Jade House of Journey Count lived for a year in ...
26-04-2018 18:03

Green Grotto Caves – The Natural Beauty of Runaway Bay

Dave and I love movies almost as much as we love to travel. We especially love combining our two passions together. So when we learned that Jamaica\'s...
22-04-2018 18:04

Where To Stay In San Diego – A Guide To The Best Neigh

If you love culture, the beach, delicious food, wildlife, and friendly people, San Diego is the perfect city for you. With a population of over 1.3 mi...
18-04-2018 18:02

Swimming with Horses in Jamaica

Swimming with horses in Jamaica fulfills many bucket list fantasies of honeymooners and vacationing couples! It\'s the ultimate romantic excursion for...
17-04-2018 18:03

North Coast 500 – The Ultimate Trip Guide to Scotland&

The North Coast 500 has been billed as Scotland\'s answer to America\'s Route 66 but it is unlike anything you\'ll see in the USA. With legendary cast...
17-04-2018 18:03

California Road Trip – The Perfect Two Week Itinerary

By this time next week we\'ll be in California on a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles and everywhere in between with Intrepid Travel Read th...
15-04-2018 18:06

Sri Lanka Safari – The Best of Yala National Park

Our Sri Lanka safari started out on a local bus from Hikkaduwa to a small guest house in Tissamaharama. That was in 2011.  Cut to 6 years later, a pri...
14-04-2018 18:03

Things to do in Niagara Falls – What to do, Where to E

It is the peak of our tourist season here in Ontario, so I thought that I would write a post for anyone visiting Toronto now or in the near future to ...
13-04-2018 18:03

Toronto to Niagara Falls by Bus -It’s Easy with Busbud

Dave and I love Niagara Falls, Canada. Ever since we first met, we always made time for a weekend getaway to Niagara. But we never thought of taking t...
11-04-2018 18:05

2018 Photography Tours – Tanzania Wildlife and Culture

You asked for it, you got it! Announcing the first of what we hope is many photography tours with The Planet D.  Luxury Photography Tours - with The P...
09-04-2018 18:03

10 Incredible Grand Cayman Restaurants – From Casual t

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands. It\'s a major cruise ship port, home to some of the best dive spots in the world and extraord...
05-04-2018 18:02

17 Mile Drive – eBiking California’s Most Scenic

17 Mile drive is one of the most scenic drives in the world. Located on the Highway 1 Coastal Route between Carmel by the Sea and Pacific Grove, this ...
03-04-2018 18:05

Glamping in Big Sur – Luxury in the Redwood Forest

Camping in luxury" It can be done and Glamping in Big Sur is some of the most luxurious camping you\'ll ever experience. We arrived just before sunset...
29-03-2018 18:01

How to Spend a Weekend in Bruges on a Budget

Due to the high volume of tourists each year (over 15 million vs a population of about 120,000), it\'s no surprise that eating, drinking and sightseei...
24-03-2018 18:00

A Tour of the New Orleans Garden District

Located a short 20 minute streetcar ride from downtown, the New Orleans Garden District is a pleasant way to spend a quiet day in the city. A Tour of ...
20-03-2018 18:01

Kyrgyzstan Trekking by Horse – Into Jyrgalan and the B

We had heard amazing things about Kyrgyzstan trekking. Although we looked forward to hiking into the mountains, doing it by horse sounded even more ex...
18-03-2018 18:00

A Local’s Guide to The Best Things to do in Wanaka, Ne

Matt Burns shares his favourite things to do in Wanaka, New Zealand. He shares his expertise from living there for two years and gives us his best ins...
15-03-2018 18:00

Where to Stay in Amsterdam a Guide to the Best Neighbourhood

Advice from local expat Melissa Adams on the best neighborhoods and where to stay in Amsterdam.  Amsterdam wooed me like an irresistible Siren, reelin...
09-03-2018 17:58

Carabao Island – Why it is Not Just a Boracay Island S

Carabao Island in Romblon, Philippines is comparable to its neighbour, the chart-topping Boracay Island, in terms of powdery white sand beach and turq...
07-03-2018 17:56

Top 5 Reasons to Travel Guatemala

Bailey and Daniel of Destinationless Travel share their top five reasons to travel Guatemala after spending a month exploring the country.  5 Reasons ...
03-03-2018 17:57

Haunted New Orleans – How and Where to Explore the Cit

New Orleans has a quite a fascinating history. There has been a lot of intrigue, mystery and murder throughout its 300 year existence giving the dead ...
01-03-2018 17:54

Top 6 Places to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal

Most people use Kathmandu as a quick jumping off point for a trek to the Himalayas, but it\'s worth spending a few days exploring this Nepalese City. ...
26-02-2018 17:55

Where To Stay In Melbourne ? A Guide To The Best Neighborhoo

Choosing where to stay in Melbourne can be difficult. Especially when there are so many different neighbourhoods. Local resident and writer LC Haughey...
25-02-2018 17:58

How to Travel Singapore Like a Local by a Local

Local expert Lionel Lee of Wanderhow shares How to Travel Singapore like a local.  How to Travel Singapore Like a Local All my travelling experience b...
21-02-2018 18:06

Bhutan Trek to Laya – A Himalayan Adventure to the Rem

For adventure lovers a Bhutan trek is high on the list. After climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking to Everest Base Camp and tackling the Arctic watershed, w...
19-02-2018 18:07

We Need Your Help! The Planet D Semi Annual Survey

As 2018 gets off to a roaring start we wanted to harness your expertise once again for our semi annual survey.  And for your time, we are placing you ...
15-02-2018 18:06

New Orleans Food Fun – A Tour of the Best Eats in the

If you tell someone you are going to New Orleans, you\'ll immediately get a list of all the great places to eat from them. We put a question up on our...
13-02-2018 18:09

Trekking Independently to Song Kul from Kyzart Village ̵

We were ascending towards the lake through the Kyrgyz steppe but, between plenty of zig-zags and different confusing trails that went over rolling hil...
11-02-2018 17:54

11 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico This Year

We all watched as the Caribbean was hammered by hurricane Maria last October and nowhere was in the headlines more than Puerto Rico. You may think it ...
09-02-2018 17:55

Five Unique Vienna Attractions You Didn’t Know You Cou

There are many famous Vienna attractions to visit.  From visiting the Schönbrunn palace to walking through the historic city center and tasting the fa...
06-02-2018 17:53

10 Unmissable Things to do in Seychelles

Seychelles is an island paradise located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. With 115 islands to choose from, there are a lot of things ...
03-02-2018 17:58

6 Experiences You Must Have when you Visit Estonia

While Estonia is the most visited of the three Baltic States, it is still a rather unusual and forgotten European destination. And it?s unfair! These ...
01-02-2018 17:54

What to Expect on a South Pacific Cruise

Have you ever wanted to know what it\'s like to go on one of those grand cruise voyages around the world" Well you can find out now. We joined Holland...
31-01-2018 17:55

Andalusia Travel – 5 Reasons to Visit the South of Spa

From the classic Alhambra to ?Fifty Shades of Pink?, there?s plenty to explore and train your lenses on in southern Spain?s Andalusia region. Peter He...
23-01-2018 17:56

Amsterdam with Kids – 7 Attractions You and Your Child

Spread the word! Amsterdam is as much a family-friendly destination as anywhere else in the world. Our family travel specialist Ari Charlestein proves...
21-01-2018 17:52

Priceless Experiences at District Wharf D.C.

This is a sponsored conversation written by us on behalf of IHG Rewards Club. But the opinions and text are all ours. Have you always wanted to be an ...
19-01-2018 17:54

Where to Stay in San Francisco ? A Guide To The Best Neighbo

Choosing  where to stay in San Francisco can be difficult. With so many neighborhoods to choose from, selecting accommodation can be overwhelming for ...
18-01-2018 17:52

24 Hours in Nice – Sometime’s You Only have a Da

Face it: sometimes you don?t have a great deal of time to spend in a city. But I?ve learned that you can pack a lot in in just 24 hours, if you plan a...
17-01-2018 17:53

6 Incredible Reasons to Explore Dorset

With everything from castles to cake, not to mention some of the most geologically diverse landscapes in the UK, there are plenty of reasons to explor...
11-01-2018 17:53

A Walk in Washington DC – 12 Must See Monuments and Me

This is a sponsored conversation written by us on behalf of IHG Rewards Club. The opinions and text are all ours. We didn\'t expect to love Washington...
08-01-2018 17:56

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