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Travel News

The Best Things To Do In Rishikesh, India in 2020

Rishikesh is the adventure capital of India. From white water rafting to Yoga there are so many things to do in Rishikesh that you will want to return...
19-01-2020 17:49

Busting 5 Common Travel Insurance Myths

The winter travel season is in full swing and while everyone is looking up exotic destinations to escape the cold, we decided to take a serious tone a...
13-01-2020 17:50

12 Amazing Australian Wildlife Experiences

Australian natives Natalie and Steve share the best Australian wildlife experiences that they\'ve had. Plus we add in our favorite animal encounters i...
02-01-2020 17:51

Cliffs of Moher – Tips for Visiting This Wonder of Ire

The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland offer visitors an awe-inspiring vista of cliff and sea, channeling the feeling of being at the bow of a ship and lookin...
25-12-2019 17:50

21 of The Best Treks in the World

Throughout our many adventures around the globe, we have had the privilege of participating in some of the best treks in the world. We\'ve been lucky ...
22-12-2019 17:50

9 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

At the end of this month, we are traveling to Costa Rica for the first time. We haven\'t been before and are very excited to finally make it to a dest...
19-12-2019 17:49

Experience 32 of the Tallest Mountains in the World

Dave and I were talking the other day about all the treks and hikes we\'ve done on earth and realized that we\'ve either seen or experienced most of t...
19-12-2019 17:49

Where to stay in Rome – A 2020 Guide To The Best Neigh

We are here to help you choose where to stay in Rome based on why you want to visit the city. Are you a first-timer" Are you on a budget" Do you want ...
18-12-2019 17:50

11 Interesting Facts About Greece: Number 5 May Surprise You

In 2008, 16 million tourists visited Greece and ever since then, this number has only been growing, having reached 28.7 million in 2018. So, what attr...
14-12-2019 17:50

Greek Food – A Complete Guide to the Best Greek Cuisin

This guide to Greek food takes you through traditional Greek dishes to eat and order when visiting Greece, and it ends with a dining experience on the...
12-12-2019 17:51

Sea to Sky Highway – Vancouver to Whistler Highlights

The Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler is a short drive by road trip standards, but it is filled with so many sights and stops, it can take...
11-12-2019 17:51

24 Amazing Things to do in Athens, Greece

The capital of Greece is the perfect place to get your dose of ancient history while taking in the vibrant Greek culture. Explore the city with our co...
11-12-2019 17:51

6 Common Travel Mistakes First Time Travelers Make

It\'s an exciting time in the world. More people are crossing borders than ever, and more travelers have access to exploring the planet. But that can ...
09-12-2019 17:49

Moroccan Food – 13 Must Try Dishes

They say that the longer a meal takes to prepare, the better it tastes. If this is true, Moroccan food is the best in the world. Moroccan meals take ...
08-12-2019 17:50

24 Free Things to do in Paris

Paris is an expensive city. That is all I ever hear when talking about traveling there. ?You don?t want to spend too many days in Paris, it is too mu...
07-12-2019 17:49

Things to See on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful scenic drives on earth. When picturing the winding roads along the massive sea cliffs of the Mediterrane...
05-12-2019 17:50

Where To Stay In Paris – A 2020 Guide To The Best Neig

Choosing where to stay in Paris can be difficult but we\'re here to help. Why listen to us when it comes to deciding on the best area to stay in Paris...
04-12-2019 17:50

The Very Best of Key West Florida – 20 Fun and Unique

Key West is a little corner of Florida that transports you to the islands. We may not be out of the country, but it does feel like we\'re vacationing ...
03-12-2019 17:50

Things do in Bergen – 14 Great Attractions in Norway&#

Rounding up all of the amazing things to do in Bergen, Norway. I\'ll never forget driving into the town center of Bergen, Norway for the first time. C...
02-12-2019 17:50

31 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe to See in 2020

We hope you enjoy our list of the Most Beautiful Cities in Europe?That we\'ve been to. This is not someone else\'s opinion, these are European cities ...
30-11-2019 17:49

How to Start a Travel Blog in 11 Easy Steps

We have been running a successful travel blog for the past 11 years, and it is how we make a high 6 figure income annually. If you would like to lea...
29-11-2019 17:49

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland – Is it Worth the Visit&quo

Should you visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland" Is it really worth it" We answer those questions and more after our visit to this famous geothermal spa. ...
28-11-2019 17:50

21 Fun Things to Do in Jamaica

While it\'s amazing to have a gorgeous suite to lay our heads, we normally spend our days exploring our destination to the fullest, and luckily our ho...
27-11-2019 17:50

23 Awesome Things to Do in Whistler in Winter and Summer

There are so many things to do in Whistler that you\'ll need two seasons to do it all! Whistler, British Columbia is Canada\'s mountain playground. Wi...
26-11-2019 17:49

101 Best Travel Quotes in the World with Pictures

Travel Quotes | Be inspired by this list of the most inspiring quotes of all time. Read the original post 101 Best Travel Quotes in the World with Pic...
23-11-2019 17:50

20 Amazing Things to do in Petra Jordan

Petra Jordan is one of the most magnificent ancient cities on earth. The ruins of Petra really do live up to the hype. We saw it for the first time i...
20-11-2019 17:51

13 Exciting Things to Do in Jordan That Will Make You Want t

There are so many things to do in Jordan, you will want at least a couple of weeks to visit. From the thriving metropolis of Amman to the quiet retrea...
20-11-2019 17:51

26 of the Best Things to do in Budapest

Dave and I have been fortunate enough to visit Budapest on three separate occasions and we\'ve compiled a list of the best things to do in Budapest. B...
18-11-2019 17:50

The Ultimate 3 Days in Singapore Itinerary

After visiting Singapore for the first time in 2003 and returning more than a few times we thought it was time we used our expertise to help you explo...
17-11-2019 17:49

The Best iPhone Photo Apps to Help You Shoot Like a Pro

There are many iPhone photo apps on the market and it can be overwhelming choosing which ones to use. We\'ve been shooting travel photography on iPhon...
11-11-2019 17:50

Best Travel Gadgets for 2019

Travel Gadgets have come a long way since the days of a rubber sink stopper and a set of travel adapters floating around loose in your luggage. With t...
08-11-2019 17:50

28 of The Best Travel Apps for 2020

With the help of smartphones and connectivity around the world, travel has never been easier. Travel apps have become an essential part of helping tra...
06-11-2019 17:49

15 Awesome Ottawa Museums – What Not to Miss and Why

Ottawa is a city of Museums. Like the Smithsonian of Washington DC, Canada\'s Capital houses many of the great museums of our nation. We have visited ...
05-11-2019 17:49

Top Things to do in La Paz, Mexico

There are so many things to do in La Paz, we could spend several winters exploring the West Coast of Mexico and beyond! We didn\'t know anything about...
01-11-2019 17:52

The Very Best Things to do in Bologna, Italy

Staying in Bologna for an extended period of time allowed us to truly experience Italy like a local.  It rivals Florence or Pisa and there are so ...
20-10-2019 17:52

Why You Should Start House Sitting – Plus 5 Top Tips t

Professional The Travelling House Sitters Brit and Jay share their top reasons why you should start house sitting right now! Plus their top 5 tips to ...
13-10-2019 17:49

What to Pack for The Ultimate First Aid Kit for Travel

A lot of travelers including ourselves tend to go a little overboard when it comes to carrying medication. In the past, we have carried a small pharma...
12-10-2019 17:49

Gifts for Travelers – 54 Unique Gift Ideas for 2019

After trying countless products over more than a decade of travel full-time travel, we\'ve narrowed down the best gifts for travelers for any budget t...
11-10-2019 17:50

20 Must-See Things to do in Bangkok

Looking for the best things to do in Bangkok" This comprehensive guide will give you all the tools you need to make the most of your time in the city....
10-10-2019 17:50

What to do in Case of a Travel Emergency

There\'s a lot of information out there about travel insurance. “Why you need travel insurance,” “What type of travel insurance should I choose"...
09-10-2019 17:51

The Art of Ethical Travel – How to Travel the World wi

Joao Mendes of NoFootprintNomads shares how to travel the world with a better impact with these ethical travel tips. Travelling is such a devastating ...
08-10-2019 17:50

37 Greatest Things to do in New Zealand 2020 – The Ult

There are so many things to do in New Zealand it can be difficult to know where to start! Often considered the adventure capital of the world, New Ze...
07-10-2019 17:51

Top Things to Do in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is a crazy place, with a population of over 8 million people and heaps of things to do, it\'s well worth visiting on a trip to Vietna...
06-10-2019 17:51

Everest Base Camp Trek – The Complete Guide to Hiking

What is it like to do the Everest Base Camp Trek" It\'s amazing, it\'s exciting and it\'s exhausting. We share everything you need to know from planni...
03-10-2019 17:50

Batumi Travel Guide – Georgia

Located on the shore of the Black Sea, the relatively new city of Batumi is the prime tourist destination in Georgia, for both locals and Russians. Ba...
03-10-2019 17:50

San Mateo California – a Spectacular Coastal Drive fro

Just 10 miles south of San Francisco you?ll find the quiet, unspoiled coastline of San Mateo County. It is a stark contrast from the bustling technolo...
29-09-2019 17:50

11 of The Best Things to Do in Chicago

Parm Parmar of Blue Planet Adventure went on assignment for The Planet D and rounded up the very best things to do in Chicago. There are few cities ...
25-09-2019 17:51

Christmas in New York 2019 – 14 Best Things to do in N

Who doesn\'t want to celebrate Christmas in New York" It seems that every great Christmas movie or memory of ours is somehow associated with NYC.  ...
25-09-2019 17:51

The Best Places to go for Halloween

Canadians love Hallowe\'en. While we may celebrate Halloween in full force, there are a lot of places around the world that I would love to spend the ...
21-09-2019 17:52

Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist

We?ve chosen our destination, We?ve set the time aside with no distractions or work commitments to get in our way and our tickets are purchased.  It?...
15-09-2019 17:52

Where to Stay in Florence, Italy – A 2019 Insider Guid

Where to Stay in Florence - Insider Tips to the Best Hotels in Florence Read the original post Where to Stay in Florence, Italy – A 2019 Insider Gui...
14-09-2019 17:50

23 of The Best Road Trips in the World

We\'ve taken a lot of road trips in our travels. From one-day scenic drives to a 3-month epic road trips across countries and continents! We\'ve done ...
14-09-2019 17:50

Amazing Things to Do on a Tasmania Road Trip

Tasmanian travel writer Andrew Strikis of Lap of Tasmania shares the best things to do in Tasmania on a road trip around the Australian island. On the...
12-09-2019 17:51

All About Andorra

While taking a road trip through Europe, the tiny country of Andorra was on our route back to Provence, France. We hadn\'t heard of Andorra before thi...
12-09-2019 17:51

27 of the Greatest Places to Visit in Africa

What are the best places to visit in Africa" We cycled the continent from Cairo to Cape Town and have been back several times since. Every time we lea...
11-09-2019 17:51

The Complete Edinburgh Itinerary: 3 Days in Edinburgh

Is 3 days in Edinburgh enough" This is something we are often asked. So we put the question to our Edinburgh expert  Karen Worrall, who shares her ...
09-09-2019 17:52

14 Historic Places to Visit in Iran

Iranian travel blogging couple of Travestyle Matin and Parsa share their favorite Iran travel destinations that you must visit. There is no dearth of ...
06-09-2019 17:53

17 Exciting Things to do in Moscow

Visiting Russia" These are the top 17 things to do in Moscow to help you plan your trip. If the western world has New York City, the first great metro...
03-09-2019 17:53

How to Get from London Airports to the City

Let\'s face it, there are a lot of London airports. The city is served by six international airports, five of which are considered major ones. The ent...
01-09-2019 17:50

The Ultimate California Road Trip Itinerary

Thinking of taking a California Road trip" This detailed 2 week itinerary will help with route planning, budget, and where to stay and eat Read the or...
31-08-2019 17:51

33 Things to do in Tokyo – Must-See Attractions for Fi

Tokyo is an enormous city. I know we were overwhelmed when planning our trip. There are so many things to do in Tokyo, it\'s difficult to know where ...
30-08-2019 17:51

3 Days in Venice – The Complete Venice Itinerary

Is 3 days in Venice enough" This is something we are often asked. So we put the question to our Venice expert  Karen Worrall, who shares her perfec...
28-08-2019 17:50

Where to Stay in Venice (2019) A Guide to the Best Neighborh

Having a hard time deciding where to stay in Venice" I get it. There are so many neighborhoods to choose from and it can be overwhelming. That is why ...
18-08-2019 17:50

14 Funny City Names in Canada – Plus 6 Strange and Odd

When I started writing this post, I was going to write about funny cities and towns that I have visited in my travels, but then I realized that they h...
18-08-2019 17:50

Where to Stay in Banff – 12 Hotels in Banff That We Lo

We\'ve had the luxury of visiting Banff on five different occasions during our travels so we know a thing or two about where to stay in Banff. We\'ve ...
17-08-2019 17:51

Beirut – The Paris of the Middle East is Making a Come

John Henderson shares his experience visiting Beirut. Lebanon\'s capital city is making a huge comeback 30 years after its civil war ended. Travel To ...
15-08-2019 17:54

Ultimate 10 Day Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

Expert road tripper Dean Williamson shares his awesome Arizona road trip itinerary including 10 awesome experiences to have in 10 days. The Ultimate U...
12-08-2019 17:52

Things to do in Alaska Before Your UnCruise

Cruising Alaska is a great introduction to the many things to do in Alaska. Having just come home from an UnCruise, we felt that we truly experienced ...
12-08-2019 17:52

Uncruise Alaska – The Ultimate Alaskan Cruise Through

An Alaskan cruise is on many person\'s lists of dream vacations. There are numerous cruise lines in Alaska to choose from. We were looking for a trip ...
09-08-2019 17:53

Halkidiki Greece – The Complete Travel Guide

Corina from Another Milestone shares everything you need to know about visiting Halkidiki, Greece. Halkidiki Greece - The Complete Travel Guide Halkid...
06-08-2019 17:55

Sziget Festival – A Complete Guide to Know Before you

Sziget Festival in Budapest Hungary is one of the largest music and cultural celebrations in Europe celebrating music and love.  It starts soon and Vi...
06-08-2019 17:55

25 Things to do in Suzhou China – All You Need to Know

Suzhou, China is a memorable place to visit. Many tourists only pop in for a day trip from Shanghai to view its classical Chinese gardens, but we sugg...
05-08-2019 17:52

Introducing Pelion – A Greek Island Alternative in Mam

When watching Mama Mia, I dreamed of the island paradise where Meryl Streep ran her crumbling hotel. "Where is this"" I asked myself.   It turns out M...
05-08-2019 17:52

How to Overcome Your Travel Anxiety and Fears

There\'s no doubt we are living in a stressful world. 24-hour news saturates our airwaves with doom and gloom stories from around the world. Social me...
30-07-2019 17:51

Off the Strip – Things to do Outside Las Vegas

There\'s more to Vegas than casinos and nightclubs, Daria Bachman of the Discovery Nut shares the best things to do outside Las Vegas that are off the...
18-07-2019 17:55

Rome for Free – 20 Free and Cheap Attractions in Rome

Ricky Marshall of World Travel Toucan shares his tips to explore Rome for free including the best cheap things to do in Rome for budget travelers.  Th...
16-07-2019 17:52

The Cheapest Ways to get from Orly & Charles de Gaulle

If you are a traveler, heading to the city of love for the first time, getting from CDG to Paris or Orly Airport to Paris can seem a bit daunting. Esp...
14-07-2019 17:54

The Rocky Mountaineer Experience – Vancouver to Banff

Do you love trains" Do you love them in that Sheldon Cooper way that you can\'t get enough of them and you need to go on the ultimate train journey" L...
11-07-2019 17:52

Adventure Travel – It’s Not Only for the Elite

There is a common misconception that you need to be super rich or super fit or have amazing connections to have an adventure.  This is far from the tr...
09-07-2019 17:52

Garmisch Partenkirchen – A Magical Town in the Bavaria

Garmisch Partenkirchen literally took our breath away. When we checked into our small guesthouse in this picturesque town in the Bavarian Alps, we did...
06-07-2019 17:51

23 of The Best Things to do in Venice

Looking for the best things to do in Venice" Well, look no further, as this comprehensive guide will give you molto informazione. Former Italy residen...
03-07-2019 17:50

The Best Things to do in Bavaria

When telling people we were traveling to Germany this summer, we didn\'t exactly get the “wow” reception we usually do with places like France or ...
23-06-2019 17:52

Nanjing China – A Complete Guide to the Ancient Capita

There are many things to do in Nanjing that make for an excellent stop on any China itinerary. What, you haven\'t heard of it" Well, you will soon! Mo...
19-06-2019 17:51

Do I Really Need Travel Medical Insurance"

Do I really need travel insurance" That is a question we often get from people before they travel. We\'ve had so many people tell us over the years th...
17-06-2019 17:51

16 Best Things To Do In Penang Island, Malaysia

Former Penang resident, Sharon Gourlay, shares the best things to do in Penang, Malaysia. Looking for a place to visit with tropical weather, beaches ...
16-06-2019 17:50

21 Things to Do in Christchurch – The New, Old and Fun

Local resident and travel writer Martina Grossi shares the best things to do in Christchurch. It has come a long way since the earthquakes of 2011. Th...
08-06-2019 17:54

The Best Tropical Islands in the World

I\'m Dreaming a Tropical Island. What is it about the islands that make life better" Is it the tropical breeze coming in from the ocean" Lets take you...
04-06-2019 17:51

The Best Guide to Hiking Mount Etna

Mount Etna is many things, amongst them one of the most active volcanoes in the world.  Mount Etna is not to be conquered as she is the conqueror, but...
02-06-2019 17:50

Amazing Things to Do in Thailand

It\'s hard to believe how many times we have been to Thailand, it was the destination that started our travels and we keep going back. Each time we ar...
31-05-2019 17:50

A Local’s Guide to Things to do in Bruges

Belgium travel writer Sam Van den Haute of Checkout Sam shares the very best things to do in Bruges. We are excited about this post as we have yet to ...
29-05-2019 17:50

24 Top Things to Do in Shanghai, China in 2019

Our things to do in Shanghai post was originally written by Kaila Yu. We have added additional details and information from our experiences on two sep...
26-05-2019 17:57

21 of the Very Best Things to do in Sri Lanka

We loved Sri Lanka. It was one of those countries that we actually felt sad leaving. We met inspiring people, saw magnificent sites and enjoyed awes...
22-05-2019 17:49

Fine Art Photography Exhibition Closing Gala – Mountai

The opening Gala at Level Fine Art of From the Mountains to the Sea was a rousing success and we couldn\'t have been happier with the turnout of media...
14-05-2019 17:54

81 Interesting Facts About Canada

Want to know more about Canada" Being Canadian, we know a thing or two about our country, so we thought we\'d share some interesting Canada facts with...
13-05-2019 17:52

Top Things to do in Athens, Greece

Athens local writer Marisa Feyen shares the best things to do in Athens. Let me help you plan your Athens Vacation! I love Athens. It oozes of ancient...
09-05-2019 17:50

How to Visit Vienna Without The Crowds

Can you visit Vienna and avoid the crowds" This travel guide offers tips to seeing attractions free from tourists. Vienna keeps ranking as the world?s...
06-05-2019 17:52

Things to do in Beijing China – The Top Attractions f

Look no further, these are the top things to do in Beijing to make the most of your stay.  Whether you are passing through and taking advantage of the...
30-04-2019 17:55

40 Best Travel Tips from The World’s Top Travel Couple

If you love travel as much as we do, you are going to love our best travel tips from 19 years of traveling the world. Best Travel Tips From 9 Years of...
29-04-2019 17:56

22 of the best things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland

Looking for things to do in Edinburgh" Well, look no further, as this comprehensive guide will give you a wheeng (Scottish word for a huge amount) of ...
23-04-2019 18:10

Travel Safety Tips – How to Have a Safe and Healthy Va

Our best travel safety tips to consider before and during your trip.  Travel Safety Tips – How to Have a Safe and Healthy Vacation A lot of people t...
20-04-2019 17:53

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