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Amanda’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Lovers

Let me share a little fun fact with you guys about myself: I LOVE Christmas, and especially love picking out the perfect gifts for all the people in m...
27-11-2020 17:56

I Hate to Break it To You, But Travel IS Political

I am a travel blogger, and most of you who are regular readers of this blog come to the site to find travel tips and read my stories from traveling al...
19-11-2020 17:54

Churchill: The Town that Lives with Polar Bears

In most destinations that you travel to, there\'s one emergency number that you should know. In the US and Canada it\'s 911; in Europe it\'s 112. But ...
10-11-2020 17:53

September and October 2020 Travel and Blogging Recap

The month that many Americans have been awaiting all year has finally arrived; November 3 is Election Day, and I don\'t think there\'s ever been more ...
03-11-2020 17:48

9 Reasons You Should Visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

When it comes to the United States, anyone who\'s read my blog for a while will know that I\'m a big Midwest fangirl. I\'ve spent most of my life in O...
31-10-2020 17:48

30 of the Coolest Airbnb Stays in Ohio

Ohio doesn\'t get nearly enough love when it comes to destinations people put on their bucket lists. But, as someone who has spent basically her whole...
20-10-2020 17:55

Small Town America: Getting to Know Ypsilanti, Michigan

I grew up in a small town (population: less than 7,500). I went to a small high school, and then a small university in a similarly small town. Small t...
01-10-2020 17:59

3 Days in Bologna: What to Do in Italy’s Foodie Capita

When it comes to Italy, different cities and regions of the country are pretty universally “known” for certain things. Milan is known for fashion....
17-09-2020 18:00

July and August 2020 Travel and Blogging Recap

Even though I\'m pretty sure 2020 is going to go down in history as The Longest Year That Ever Was, it\'s somehow already September! I didn\'t do much...
03-09-2020 17:51

How to Plan a Trip During a Pandemic

Welcome to 2020, the craziest year in travel that anyone can remember. We\'re now entering into month 6 of this “new normal,” where border closure...
28-08-2020 18:14

8 Unique (and Ethical) Wildlife Encounters to Have in New Ze

Just about everyone loves animals. So it\'s not surprising that wildlife tourism is popular all around the world. Whether it\'s going on safari in Eas...
21-08-2020 17:57

30+ Places to Learn About Black History in the US

I write a lot about history on this site, because it\'s something I always seek out when I travel. I often weave historical facts into my blog posts, ...
13-08-2020 17:55

Where to Find the Best Skyline Views in London

London is one of my very favorite cities in the world – which is interesting, because I don\'t always love huge, sprawling cities! But there\'s just...
10-08-2020 17:51

What It’s Really Been Like to Run a Travel Blog During

We\'re more than halfway through 2020 – and what a crazy year it\'s been. What began as a year in which I was poised to have a lot of work and go on...
31-07-2020 17:51

Zanzibar Itinerary: How to Spend 4 Days on the Spice Island

When it comes to traveling in East Africa, most people associate this part of the continent with safaris and mountains; Kenya is home to the Maasai Ma...
18-07-2020 17:52

Escaping to a Secluded Treehouse: The Perfect Socially Dista

In a normal year, my summer would be filled with travel and work projects; last summer alone, I did a road trip around Scotland, sailed the Danube on ...
09-07-2020 17:48

May and June 2020 Travel and Blogging Recap

You might have noticed that I skipped publishing a monthly recap post in June. This was mostly intentional; there was too much going on in early June ...
07-07-2020 17:52

Titanic Ties and Postcard Houses: Your Guide to Cobh, Irelan

When it comes to places to visit in Ireland, you\'ve likely heard of cities like Dublin and Galway and Cork. You\'ve heard of the Cliffs of Moher and ...
03-07-2020 17:54

Planning the Perfect Island Getaway to Vieques, Puerto Rico

When Elliot and I began planning our winter getaway to Puerto Rico, we were pretty intentional with our itinerary. We wanted to have a relaxing trip t...
26-06-2020 17:47

Is Summer the Best Time to Visit Scottsdale"

When it comes to visiting the American Southwest, many people will tell you to skip the summer months. For many spots in this part of the US, the summ...
17-06-2020 17:50

Can You Safely Plan a US Road Trip this Summer"

It\'s been a weird time to be a travel blogger. Which is not surprising, I guess, since the world has been shut down due to a global pandemic for thre...
13-06-2020 17:47

The Perfect 10-Day Scotland Road Trip Itinerary for the Whis

When it comes to road tripping in Europe, there are so many options for epic trips. You can trace fairy tales on the Romantic Road in southern Germany...
08-06-2020 17:49

Why You Need to Know About Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

We arrived in the tiny town of Ka? in the late afternoon, climbing a narrow street in our van and stopping at a small hotel perched high above the sea...
22-05-2020 17:49

5 Days in San Juan, Puerto Rico: The Perfect Caribbean Getaw

I first visited Puerto Rico back in 2016. I spent a week hopping around the Caribbean island, splashing around on famous beaches, going zip lining in ...
16-05-2020 17:47

April 2020 Travel and Blogging Recap

I know, I know. I should probably take the “travel” part out of these recaps for now while we\'re all sheltering at home. But, consistency and all...
07-05-2020 17:50

25 Things to Do in the Southwest USA to Put on Your Bucket L

When people ask me about my favorite places in the world, I usually rattle off a couple places they might expect (like New Zealand and Scotland), but ...
06-05-2020 17:50

The Business of Blogging: What I’ve Learned After 10 Y

10 years and more than 10 million readers. Those are the milestones A Dangerous Business celebrated in 2020. Wow! It\'s no secret that the trajectory ...
29-04-2020 17:47

Drinking Around the World Around the House: 9 World Cocktail

Now that most of us are spending more time at home, we\'ve all likely been doing a lot more of a couple things: namely, eating and drinking. Definitel...
22-04-2020 17:49

Photos That Will Make You Want to Plan a Trip to Turkey (Som

When it comes to destinations that tend to top bucket lists, my guess is that the country of Turkey might not be one of them for most people. While yo...
17-04-2020 17:50

A Decade in Review: 10 Years of Traveling and Blogging

Can you believe it" I\'ve officially been running A Dangerous Business for TEN YEARS as of mid-February, 2020. That\'s nearly 1/3 of my life, and I\'m...
10-04-2020 17:47

The Longest Month of My Life: March 2020 Travel and Blogging

What a difference a month makes. Does anyone else feel like they\'ve aged about 10 years in the last four weeks" March was bad, guys. I know you know ...
04-04-2020 17:50

Did You Know" 13 Fun Facts About Scotland

When people ask me about my favorite places in the world, Scotland is always, always near the top of my list. This surprises many people; I guess mayb...
01-04-2020 17:48

9 Things You Can Do to Support the Travel Industry When the

Here\'s a pretty staggering fact you might not know: the tourism industry accounts for roughly 1 in 10 jobs around the world. That\'s hundreds of mill...
27-03-2020 17:49

12 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Norway

Stunning fjords. Snow-dusted mountains. Dancing Northern Lights. Heart-shaped waffles slathered in fresh berry jam. Beds that feel like clouds. And a ...
24-03-2020 17:47

Feed Your Wanderlust with These 12 Travel-Related Things You

Whether it\'s due to limited vacation time, running low on disposable income, or maybe even a global pandemic forcing us all indoors (never thought I\...
20-03-2020 17:47

What Working Remotely is Really Like + 7 Tips for Working Fr

Stopping by because you\'re now working from home for the first time thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus" Check out the realities of working remotely, ...
15-03-2020 17:50

Where to Stay in Scottsdale, Arizona Based on Your Travel St

Have you heard" I\'ve fallen in love with the desert city of Scottsdale, Arizona. After two visits in the past year, I\'ve racked up all sorts of uniq...
09-03-2020 17:51

The Quest to Find the Perfect Travel Shoes (2020)

After you\'ve booked your flight, scoped out hotel rooms, and maybe bought a guidebook or two, it\'s time to tackle another potentially-stressful part...
06-03-2020 17:47

February 2020 Travel and Blogging Recap

February. What a month! Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it certainly felt like a pretty long one (and no, I\'m not just saying...
03-03-2020 17:47

Winter Travel: A Long Winter Weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Here\'s a fun fact about me: I actually prefer cold weather to hot weather. Yes, it\'s true! Having grown up in Ohio, I\'m used to pretty extreme temp...
28-02-2020 17:46

Wellness Travel 101: What’s It Like to Stay at a Welln

If you would have asked me a few months ago about my opinions on spa resorts and wellness retreats, I probably would have told you that they weren\'t ...
13-02-2020 17:49

Here’s How You Can Take a Day Trip to the Amalfi Coast

Pastel-colored towns perched on the sides of cliffs. Terraced groves where lemons are grown to be turned into limoncello. And the ever-present glimpse...
10-02-2020 17:47

January 2020 Travel and Blogging Recap

It\'s a whole new year, people! I rang in 2020 at home with Elliot and Weasley (that would be my husband and my cat, respectively), sipping champagne ...
05-02-2020 17:48

What to Wear in Morocco: A Complete Morocco Packing Guide fo

When I was first planning my trip to Morocco, I spent time reading through tons of blog posts and packing lists about the country. While this wasn\'t ...
04-02-2020 17:46

8 Things That Surprised Me About Traveling in Turkey (and On

I became obsessed with the idea of visiting Turkey – and, more specifically, Istanbul – back in college, when I read a book that was partially set...
31-01-2020 17:46

How I Make Money as a Travel Blogger

I\'m going to be completely honest here: I sometimes avoid telling people that I\'m a travel blogger when I first meet them. This isn\'t because I\'m ...
28-01-2020 17:48

3 Days in Scottsdale, Arizona: 3 Itineraries for 3 Different

When it comes to weekend getaway destinations, the city of Scottsdale, Arizona, really is the full package. It\'s easy to get to and get around, has a...
17-01-2020 17:49

Venice Survival Guide: Tips to Help You Love Your First Trip

Venice, Italy, is a bucket list destination for many people. And rightly so; I\'ve been to a lot of cities around the world, and no other city is quit...
10-01-2020 17:50

December 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

We\'re already a week into a new year, but there\'s still one more month from 2019 to wrap up! December is usually a slower travel month for me since ...
09-01-2020 18:05

New Year, New Travels: 10 Travel Resolutions You Can Actuall

It\'s that time again… the beginning of a new year, when we\'re supposed to be setting goals and making resolutions for the Year to Come. Some peopl...
04-01-2020 17:50

The Perfect 10-Day Itinerary for Portugal (Without a Car)

Portugal is by far one of the best-value destinations in Europe. And on top of its affordability, Portugal is also just an awesome place to travel. It...
30-12-2019 17:51

Year in Review: My Top 10 Travel Highlights of 2019

It\'s that time of year again: time for my annual year in review post! I love putting this post together each year, as it allows me to take a look bac...
27-12-2019 17:51

3 Delicious Things to Do in Rome if You Love Food

I tell people all the time that I am not really a “foodie” traveler; I\'m no expert when it comes to local cuisine, and I don\'t usually go home t...
16-12-2019 17:51

November 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

After an extremely busy summer and autumn filled with travel, I finally had a whole month off in November! It was a much-needed break, both physically...
06-12-2019 17:51

Why You Need to Visit the Incredible Island of Islay in Scot

Scotland is one of my very favorite travel destinations in the world. Even after several trips there in the last few years, I keep find myself dreamin...
04-12-2019 17:51

Amanda’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers and Tra

Let me share a little fun fact with you guys about myself: I LOVE Christmas, and especially love picking out the perfect gifts for all the people in m...
25-11-2019 17:51

Traveling with Monograms: Combining the Best of Two Travel S

When it comes to travel styles… well, I don\'t really have one. I don\'t fit into one style category when it comes to travel; I\'m not a strict budg...
20-11-2019 17:51

Alberta Bucket List: 40+ Incredible Things to Do in Alberta,

Chances are you\'ve heard of the Canadian province of Alberta. Maybe you\'ve heard of its Rocky Mountain national parks, or the annual Calgary Stamped...
16-11-2019 17:51

A Harry Potter Lover’s Guide to London

London is one of my favorite cities in the world. I love the history, the neighborhoods, the pub culture, even the food. And I love that the city has ...
12-11-2019 17:50

October 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

I can\'t believe it\'s already time for another monthly recap post! October absolutely FLEW by, and I\'m having a hard time wrapping my head around th...
07-11-2019 17:50

6 of the Best Places to Go on Safari in Africa

When it comes to travel bucket lists, “going on safari in Africa” is an item that appears on many of them. And understandably so – seeing things...
03-11-2019 17:53

Get to Know the Quirky Side of Ann Arbor, Michigan

When I visited the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the first time earlier this summer, I was struck by how cool and how livable a city it was. I also...
16-10-2019 17:54

September 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

September is always an interesting time to be traveling. It marks “back-to-school” season in many countries, and often is the beginning of the slo...
10-10-2019 17:50

Things to Do on Senja: A Guide to Norway’s Underrated

You guys know that I really love Norway. It\'s a country that offers some of my favorite things, including epic landscapes, delicious seafood, interes...
01-10-2019 17:50

10 Things to Do in Budapest for the History Lover

Ask me about my favorite cities in Europe, and I guarantee that up near the top will be Budapest, Hungary. Budapest was actually one of the very first...
23-09-2019 17:51

East Africa Highlights: Kenya and Tanzania with Rock My Adve

In the past 3 years, I\'ve gone from never really feeling much of a pull to the continent of Africa, to visiting 9 countries on 4 separate trips there...
18-09-2019 18:02

A Harry Potter Lover’s Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

It\'s been more than a decade since the release of the last Harry Potter book (and almost a decade now since the release of the last Harry Potter movi...
12-09-2019 18:20

5 Reasons to Visit Ann Arbor, Michigan (That Have Nothing to

Growing up in Ohio where everyone assumes we\'re all Ohio State fans (spoiler alert: I\'m really not), it\'s basically required knowledge that Ann Arb...
09-09-2019 18:21

August 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

Whew. Another month, and another massive trip to tell you about! 2019 sure has been travel-filled so far – and I\'m not complaining! August took me ...
07-09-2019 18:21

2 Days in Edmonton: A Summer Weekend in Alberta’s Capi

Much like Calgary to the south, Edmonton is a city in Alberta that\'s often treated as just a “pass-through” city by most travelers – if they ev...
02-09-2019 18:19

A Guide to the Cheers Trail in Northern Ohio

When people ask me about my favorite part of my home state of Ohio, I never have to think about my answer. Our national park, I?ll say, or our evolvin...
12-08-2019 18:20

How to Decide if an Active River Cruise is Right for You

I\'ve been saying for the past few years that river cruising is probably one of the best ways to travel in Europe if you want to see a lot in a short ...
08-08-2019 18:20

July 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

After being gone pretty much all of June, my July was slightly less crazy – but only slightly, as I still found myself away from home for half the m...
05-08-2019 18:20

8 of the Best Things to Do in Calgary in Summer

When it comes to the province of Alberta, Canada, chances are you know about its famous national parks, mountains, and incredible lakes. In fact, I\'v...
02-08-2019 18:20

A Non-Drinker Travels the Scotch Whisky Trail – And Yo

It was around the fourth whisky distillery that I was forced to acknowledge an incontrovertible truth about myself: I do not and likely will never enj...
25-07-2019 18:23

6 Highlights from an Active River Cruise with Avalon Waterwa

I\'m not new to the world of river cruising. I fell in love with the style of travel back in 2015, and have been on 4 river cruises throughout Europe ...
22-07-2019 18:21

June 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

After being mostly home for the last couple of months, June kicked off an extremely busy summer of travel for me. I was barely home at all in June (I ...
18-07-2019 18:24

7 Reasons You Should Put Scottsdale, Arizona on Your Must-Vi

There are some destinations that get pigeon-holed into being only “for” certain types of travelers. Ibiza is for partiers. Las Vegas is for gamble...
08-07-2019 18:20

How to Choose a Riad in Marrakech

When it comes to seeking out accommodation in Morocco, one option will show up in nearly every city: the riad. Read a handful of riad reviews, and you...
12-06-2019 18:25

May 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

Typical of Ohio, it seems we\'ve zipped past spring and moved straight on to summer. But I can\'t really complain, since summer is always a busy trave...
05-06-2019 18:20

2 Days in Porto: The City in Portugal You Shouldn’t Sk

When I was planning my first trip to Portugal, I knew I wanted to focus on the country\'s two major cities: Lisbon and Porto. Lisbon is Portugal\'s ca...
28-05-2019 18:24

Escaping to the Moroccan Coast: A Day Trip to Essaouira

As soon as I stepped off the bus, I was hit by a blast of humid wind that smelled of the ocean. Immediately I knew that Essaouira was going to be diff...
22-05-2019 18:18

3 Days in Marrakech: The Perfect Itinerary for Your First Vi

Marrakech. The Red City. The Daughter of the Desert. Chances are that if you know anything about traveling to Morocco, you\'ve heard of Marrakech. Whi...
15-05-2019 18:19

April 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

After a busy February and March, April was a month for me to stay closer to home, get some work done, and enjoy the glimpses of spring that have manag...
06-05-2019 18:20

How to Love Nashville Even if You Don’t Love Country M

I remember the first response I got from a friend of mine last year when I excitedly told her that I was *finally* going to visit Nashville, Tennessee...
02-05-2019 18:20

How to Plan an Epic Day Trip to Sintra in Portugal

If you Google “things to do in Portugal,” there\'s one thing that\'s guaranteed to show up on just about any list you find: taking a day trip to S...
25-04-2019 18:26

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A feeling of heaven in my heart at the Amanpulo

A feeling of heaven in my heart at the Amanpu...

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Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Retreat – What To Expect!

Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Retreat – W...

After experiencing two of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week-long meditation retreats, I wanted to share my thoughts and tips on what to expect and how to prepare! My introduction to Dr. Joe’s work began about two years ago — when one of my favorite... -
Recipe For Pear, Chocolate And Hazelnut Crumble

Recipe For Pear, Chocolate And Hazelnut Crumb...

I have a devilishly sweet tooth and so I?m quite surprised (and in truth, a little proud of myself) that it has taken until my fourth blog post to get around to dessert. But this is definitely worth the wait. It is so simple to put together, and... -
The Travel Hack?s Guide to TrekAmerica

The Travel Hack?s Guide to TrekAmerica

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4 Easy Tips to Building a Successful Brand On...

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Highlights from My Adventures in Cuenca, Ecuador

Highlights from My Adventures in Cuenca, Ecua...

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New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings

New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful...

We are so conditioned to celebrate the new, but what about celebrating what we are stepping away from, even when it feels uncomfortable or there is a part of us not ready to let go" Whenever I’m going through a tough time in my life, I have the... -
Eat, sleep, breathe Iceland.

Eat, sleep, breathe Iceland.

Iceland, it?s the land of warlocks, smoke and mystery. It?s where volcanic eruptions fly in the face of the modern world and ground airplanes all over the northern hemisphere. Just because it can. Iceland, it?s where the northern lights burn... -

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