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A Harry Potter Lover’s Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

It\'s been more than a decade since the release of the last Harry Potter book (and almost a decade now since the release of the last Harry Potter movi...
12-09-2019 18:20

5 Reasons to Visit Ann Arbor, Michigan (That Have Nothing to

Growing up in Ohio where everyone assumes we\'re all Ohio State fans (spoiler alert: I\'m really not), it\'s basically required knowledge that Ann Arb...
09-09-2019 18:21

August 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

Whew. Another month, and another massive trip to tell you about! 2019 sure has been travel-filled so far – and I\'m not complaining! August took me ...
07-09-2019 18:21

2 Days in Edmonton: A Summer Weekend in Alberta’s Capi

Much like Calgary to the south, Edmonton is a city in Alberta that\'s often treated as just a “pass-through” city by most travelers – if they ev...
02-09-2019 18:19

A Guide to the Cheers Trail in Northern Ohio

When people ask me about my favorite part of my home state of Ohio, I never have to think about my answer. Our national park, I?ll say, or our evolvin...
12-08-2019 18:20

How to Decide if an Active River Cruise is Right for You

I\'ve been saying for the past few years that river cruising is probably one of the best ways to travel in Europe if you want to see a lot in a short ...
08-08-2019 18:20

July 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

After being gone pretty much all of June, my July was slightly less crazy – but only slightly, as I still found myself away from home for half the m...
05-08-2019 18:20

8 of the Best Things to Do in Calgary in Summer

When it comes to the province of Alberta, Canada, chances are you know about its famous national parks, mountains, and incredible lakes. In fact, I\'v...
02-08-2019 18:20

A Non-Drinker Travels the Scotch Whisky Trail – And Yo

It was around the fourth whisky distillery that I was forced to acknowledge an incontrovertible truth about myself: I do not and likely will never enj...
25-07-2019 18:23

6 Highlights from an Active River Cruise with Avalon Waterwa

I\'m not new to the world of river cruising. I fell in love with the style of travel back in 2015, and have been on 4 river cruises throughout Europe ...
22-07-2019 18:21

June 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

After being mostly home for the last couple of months, June kicked off an extremely busy summer of travel for me. I was barely home at all in June (I ...
18-07-2019 18:24

7 Reasons You Should Put Scottsdale, Arizona on Your Must-Vi

There are some destinations that get pigeon-holed into being only “for” certain types of travelers. Ibiza is for partiers. Las Vegas is for gamble...
08-07-2019 18:20

How to Choose a Riad in Marrakech

When it comes to seeking out accommodation in Morocco, one option will show up in nearly every city: the riad. Read a handful of riad reviews, and you...
12-06-2019 18:25

May 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

Typical of Ohio, it seems we\'ve zipped past spring and moved straight on to summer. But I can\'t really complain, since summer is always a busy trave...
05-06-2019 18:20

2 Days in Porto: The City in Portugal You Shouldn’t Sk

When I was planning my first trip to Portugal, I knew I wanted to focus on the country\'s two major cities: Lisbon and Porto. Lisbon is Portugal\'s ca...
28-05-2019 18:24

Escaping to the Moroccan Coast: A Day Trip to Essaouira

As soon as I stepped off the bus, I was hit by a blast of humid wind that smelled of the ocean. Immediately I knew that Essaouira was going to be diff...
22-05-2019 18:18

3 Days in Marrakech: The Perfect Itinerary for Your First Vi

Marrakech. The Red City. The Daughter of the Desert. Chances are that if you know anything about traveling to Morocco, you\'ve heard of Marrakech. Whi...
15-05-2019 18:19

April 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

After a busy February and March, April was a month for me to stay closer to home, get some work done, and enjoy the glimpses of spring that have manag...
06-05-2019 18:20

How to Love Nashville Even if You Don’t Love Country M

I remember the first response I got from a friend of mine last year when I excitedly told her that I was *finally* going to visit Nashville, Tennessee...
02-05-2019 18:20

How to Plan an Epic Day Trip to Sintra in Portugal

If you Google “things to do in Portugal,” there\'s one thing that\'s guaranteed to show up on just about any list you find: taking a day trip to S...
25-04-2019 18:26

Morocco Uncovered: The Best Morocco Tour with Intrepid Trave

Chances are you\'ve read about or at least seen a photo from Morocco recently – it\'s a destination that\'s growing fairly swiftly in popularity, th...
19-04-2019 18:22

3 Days in Lisbon, Portugal: The Ultimate To-Do List

A few years ago, Portugal as a whole was an under-the-radar destination in Europe. It was affordable to visit, had relatively warm weather year-round,...
16-04-2019 18:25

Camels, Dunes, and Drums: An Overnight Trip into the Sahara

I was about a quarter of the way up the dune, my lungs burning and my boots slowly filling up with sand when I remembered something I always manage to...
11-04-2019 18:24

March 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

March was a busy month – I spent more than 2/3 of it on the road! Busy months like this are exciting, but I always struggle to get work done when I\...
04-04-2019 18:22

USA Road Trip Essentials: What to Pack for a US Road Trip

Road tripping is, hands-down, the best way to explore the United States. Whether you\'re national park-hopping through the Southwest, leaf-peeping in ...
01-04-2019 18:22

35 Dreamy Photos from Chefchaouen, Morocco’s Blue Pear

You may think that you\'ve never heard of Chefchaouen, a small town nestled into northern Morocco\'s Rif Mountains. But chances are you HAVE seen phot...
29-03-2019 18:22

8 Things That Surprised Me About Traveling in Morocco

The most frequent question I get about being a travel blogger after the standard “what\'s your favorite country"” and “how do you make money"”...
20-03-2019 18:21

February 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

I fell off the blogging wagon a bit in February, guys. But it was for good reason! I was launching a new aspect of my business (the affiliate consulti...
11-03-2019 17:59

Iceland Alternatives: Where to Go Instead of the Land of Fir

Let\'s get one thing straight first: I LOVE Iceland. I\'ve been to Iceland three times in the last decade, and often tell people it\'s one of the most...
14-02-2019 17:58

Yes, You Can Visit the Grand Canyon in Winter

Winter is sometimes called the “secret season” at the Grand Canyon. It\'s the season when the skies are the clearest, the temperatures are the coo...
08-02-2019 17:58

January 2019 Travel and Blogging Recap

People often say that how you start a year is an indication of how that year will go. Well, I began 2019 eating cactus fries in Sedona, Arizona, and ...
02-02-2019 17:52

7 Ways You Can Help Combat Climate Change as a Traveler

You might assume that “travel” and “combat climate change” are phrases that inherently just don\'t go together. After all, travel (and especia...
24-01-2019 17:57

Valley of Fire: The Best Day Trip from Las Vegas

Picture this: You\'ve seen the shows, eaten at all the buffets, and visited your fill of themed casinos. But you still have some time to spend in Las ...
17-01-2019 17:57

Visiting National Parks During a Government Shutdown: Can Yo

As I slowly navigated the icy road leading into Grand Canyon National Park last week, I found myself feeling uneasy; and it wasn\'t just because of th...
10-01-2019 17:59

4 Reasons to Visit the American Southwest in Winter

A while back, I wrote a blog post outlining a road trip itinerary through the American Southwest. It\'s my favorite part of the US, and it\'s apparent...
08-01-2019 17:56

December 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

Well that\'s another year done and dusted! I swear, every year just seems to pass faster than the last. The month of December was spent mostly at home...
05-01-2019 17:57

Year in Review: My Top 10 Travel Highlights of 2018

As another year comes to a close, you know what that means: time for another year-in-review post!  I always have fun putting together this list each ...
27-12-2018 17:58

How to Spend 24 Hours in Asheville, North Carolina

Without really consciously planning it this way, 2018 ended up being “the year of The South” for me.  I always make it a point to travel a bit in...
17-12-2018 17:48

How to See Polar Bears in Churchill: A Polar Bear Tour for Y

The small town of Churchill, Manitoba, is known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” Each year in October and November, the Western Hudson Ba...
07-12-2018 17:54

November 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

November has come and gone, and we\'re officially in holiday mode here in the US. I unashamedly love this time of year, and am actually really happy t...
03-12-2018 17:55

23 of the Best Christmas Markets to Visit in Germany

When it comes to Christmas markets in Europe, no one does them better than Germany. Which makes sense, since the Germans pretty much invented them. Th...
29-11-2018 17:56

An Off-Season Outdoor Adventure: Visiting Utah’s Snow

Whether you\'re asking travel experts for tips on how to save money on your next vacation, or inquiring about how we can help combat issues like overt...
27-11-2018 17:55

Amanda’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Let me share a little fun fact with you guys about myself: I LOVE Christmas, and especially love picking out the perfect gifts for all the people in m...
21-11-2018 17:56

The Perfect Aruba Itinerary: 5 Days on One Happy Island

The Caribbean has long been a popular destination for honeymooners, sun-seekers, and ocean-lovers. There are so many different islands with different ...
15-11-2018 17:53

A Weekend in Winnipeg: The Best Things to Do in Winnipeg, Ma

When most people think about Canadian cities to visit on their travels, they think of the “big ones”: Vancouver and Toronto and Montreal. Maybe Qu...
09-11-2018 17:56

October 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

October is always going to be a pretty exciting month for me – both my birthday and wedding anniversary fall within the first 10 days of the month! ...
05-11-2018 17:56

In the Land of the Ice Bears

I\'ll never forget the first time I locked eyes with a polar bear. It\'s a fairly common occurrence if you go to watch these silent giants in the wild...
01-11-2018 17:57

A Perfect 10-Day Itinerary for Norway in Winter

Norway is one of my favorite countries in the world in which to travel. It\'s organized, it\'s safe, it\'s clean, and it\'s jaw-droppingly beautiful n...
22-10-2018 17:56

Flamingos, Beaches, and Private Cabanas: Staying at the Rena

In the past couple of years, pictures of pink flamingos chilling on a perfect turquoise-watered beach have been making the rounds on social media. And...
15-10-2018 17:54

30 Photos That Will Make You Want to Book a Trip to Greenlan

Let\'s be honest: Greenland isn\'t exactly a “hot” travel destination (ha, pun totally intended) for most people; it\'s remote and expensive to ge...
11-10-2018 17:55

September 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

September is always a weird month of the year. Kids are going back to school, there are usually a few travel conferences happening, and the weather in...
05-10-2018 17:56

10 Unique Things to Do in Cleveland that Really Rock

You\'ve probably heard this phrase before: “Cleveland rocks!” And you may have raised an eyebrow, emitted a scoff, or otherwise emoted your disbel...
02-10-2018 17:57

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to the Biltmore Estate

I blame my fascination with getting glimpses into other people\'s homes on my mother. She (and I and my sister) is what she calls “nibby.” It\'s a...
26-09-2018 17:56

Greenland Travel Guide: How to Plan a Trip to Ilulissat

When I told people I was traveling to Greenland, I got one of two reactions. In the first reaction, their eyes would light up and they\'d say somethin...
18-09-2018 17:55

A Day Trip to Landmannalaugar in Iceland: Yes, It’s St

“Gesundheit!!” my dad said, when I told him where we\'d be going on one of our day tours while in Iceland. I rolled my eyes; after a few days on t...
13-09-2018 17:55

August 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

August can always be sort of a “meh” month when it comes to travel blogs; many of us see drops in traffic as summer comes to an end and kids head ...
07-09-2018 18:01

Things That Surprised Me About Traveling to Greenland

When you hear “Greenland,” what immediately comes to mind" For me, it used to be a remote, ice-covered place that seemed slightly mysterious and e...
05-09-2018 18:01

5 of the Best Cleveland Neighborhoods to Visit as a Tourist

You may not think that “tourist” and “Cleveland” naturally go together. But hear me out before you click away from this post. Cleveland has lo...
29-08-2018 18:02

How to Plan a Weekend Away That Actually Feels Like a Vacati

It\'s a common misconception about travel: that, in order for it to “really be travel,” you have to spend tons of money and go really far away. Bu...
23-08-2018 18:00

What to Pack for a Trip to Ireland

Ireland is an island, and its weather patterns are largely influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The good news is that Ireland doesn\'t have huge temperat...
20-08-2018 17:59

The Best Day Trips to Take from Dublin

On my first trips to Ireland, I was too timid to rent a car. This fear isn\'t misplaced, though, as Ireland is notorious for its narrow roads lined wi...
15-08-2018 17:59

New Zealand Road Trip: The Perfect Itinerary if You Only Hav

There are some countries and regions of the world that just beg to be explored on a road trip. And I\'m a firm believer that New Zealand is one of the...
11-08-2018 18:02

Ohio Adventures: How to Have a Manly Weekend in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio, is known for a few things. It\'s the capital city of Ohio, and also the largest city in the state. It\'s known for sports-centric The ...
07-08-2018 18:01

July 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

After a busy month in June (so busy that I was literally only home for 6 days the whole month), July slowed down a bit. Well, it slowed down travel-wi...
03-08-2018 18:00

The Best Outlander Locations to Visit in Scotland

I was scrolling through posts in a Facebook group for female travelers the other day, when I came across one posted by a woman who was headed to the S...
01-08-2018 18:01

Packing for Adventurous Summer Travel with Columbia

Packing for a big trip can be daunting. All sorts of questions run through your head. Like: What will the weather be like" What should I bring in case...
26-07-2018 18:04

10 Days in Ireland: The Perfect Irish Road Trip Itinerary

Ireland runs in my veins – quite literally, considering that my ancestry is 25% Irish. I\'ve been to the country a handful of times, and even celebr...
22-07-2018 17:59

A Guide to the Most Unique Themed Afternoon Teas in London

For me, England has always been synonymous with one thing. No, not royalty or sports or fish and chips; for me, it\'s always been afternoon tea. When ...
17-07-2018 18:01

An Enchanting Stay at Ballyseede Castle in Ireland

As we slowly rounded a bend in the driveway, all three of us in the car let out a collective “Oooo” as Ballyseede Castle came into view. With roun...
14-07-2018 18:01

Geeking Out on an Outlander Tour of Scotland with Highland E

I remember when my mom first told me about the “Outlander” books. I was in college, I think, and we shared an interest in... The post Geeking Out ...
09-07-2018 18:02

June 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

Ah, June. June is typically a busy month – it\'s the beginning of summer, and also the beginning of the summer travel season. This... The post June ...
06-07-2018 18:02

Do, Eat, Stay: A Weekend Getaway Guide to Memphis, Tennessee

I don\'t have many by-the-numbers goals on my travel bucket list; I don\'t really have a desire to visit every country in the world,... The post Do, E...
01-07-2018 18:05

Why Ireland is the Perfect Destination for Multigenerational

When I was younger, my family used to go on vacation together every summer. We would go to amusement parks like Cedar Point, or... The post Why Irelan...
27-06-2018 18:05

Getting a Taste of Music History in Nashville

New Orleans is the home of jazz music; Detroit the home of Motown.Memphis gave us Elvis, Seattle gave us grunge, and the Bronx gave... The post Getti...
14-06-2018 18:05

How to Have a Classy Girls Weekend in New Orleans

Whether it\'s food, music, history, or just its southern vibe, New Orleans has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in the US – and......
08-06-2018 18:05

May 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

Summertime is swiftly approaching, and that means summer travel! I have quite a few fun things planned this summer, and the adventures started in... T...
05-06-2018 18:06

Dart River Adventures: The Most Fun Way to Explore Mount Asp

It was cold as we packed up the van and began the drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy – cold enough on that March morning... The post Dart River Adve...
25-05-2018 18:04

The Best Things to Do on Your First Trip to Auckland

When talking and writing about New Zealand, I usually list Wellington as my favorite city, Queenstown as the “most fun” city, and places like... T...
18-05-2018 18:08

How to Plan the Perfect Long Weekend Trip

I\'ve written before about an epidemic that plagues many American workers: the fact that many of us leave vacation days on the table every... The post...
15-05-2018 18:08

Fun Facts: Things You Might Not Know About Quebec City

Most people assume that if you want a taste of Europe, you have to travel all the way to Europe. And while this is... The post Fun Facts: Things You M...
10-05-2018 18:04

April 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

Oh, April. You really were not a great month for many reasons. First, winter has refused to release its hold on Ohio; we had... The post April 2018 Tr...
05-05-2018 18:04

How to Keep Your Money and Valuables Safe on Your Travels

I got an email last week from a blog reader: an older American woman who was considering booking a solo adventure, but who was... The post How to Keep...
02-05-2018 18:05

The Perfect 12-Day Road Trip Itinerary for Montana, Wyoming,

I\'ve said it before but I\'ll say it again: there\'s no better way to see the United States than by taking to the road.... The post The Perfect 12-Da...
25-04-2018 18:04

The Best Ways to Stay Connected on Your Travels

Travel has changed a lot in the last few years thanks largely to technology. At least once a month now, I take a step... The post The Best Ways to Sta...
19-04-2018 18:05

A Kayaking Adventure in Abel Tasman National Park

Fun fact for you: New Zealand has 13 national parks covering more than 30,000 square kilometers (11,500+ square miles) of some of the best... The post...
14-04-2018 18:04

Announcing ADB Tours: Come with Me to Iceland and Greenland!

For years, people have been asking, “Can I travel with you"” Sometimes the question is asked jokingly (along with the “do you need an... The pos...
10-04-2018 18:32

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Campervan Road Trip in New

Like in many countries around the world, I truly believe that self-driving is the best way to see and experience New Zealand. Yes, you... The post The...
05-04-2018 18:31

March 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

The beginning of 2018 was a bit quiet travel-wise, but that all changed in March, when I spent half the month in my favorite... The post March 2018 Tr...
03-04-2018 18:33

12 Things to Do on an Adventurous Honeymoon in New Zealand

When it came down to deciding on a honeymoon destination following our travel-themed wedding, Elliot and I had no problem choosing one: it was... The ...
30-03-2018 18:31

Feasting and Fun at Hobbiton: The Evening Banquet Tour

I was bouncing – yes, literally, physically bouncing – in my seat as our big green Hobbiton bus pulled up to the entrance to... The post Feasting ...
21-03-2018 18:29

It’s Okay to Feel These Things When You Travel

When most people think of “traveling,” they think of a vacation: sun-kissed sand and fruity drinks, or perhaps dreamy selfies in a big exotic... T...
07-03-2018 18:25

February 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

February is the shortest month of the year, and I\'ll admit that my February wasn\'t super exciting travel-wise this year… But I got up... The post ...
02-03-2018 18:23

The Private Game Lodge Experience in Kruger National Park

When it comes to traveling, a lot of people like to have adventures independently; they like to plan their own itinerary, avoid the typical... The pos...
27-02-2018 18:24

A First-Time Visitor’s Guide to Bergen, Norway

Surrounded by mountains and fjords and filled with colorful wooden buildings, it\'s not difficult to understand why the city of Bergen is such a... Th...
21-02-2018 18:34

7 Cities in the Midwest You Need to Visit This Year

When it comes to the US, there are a handful of “darlings” in the tourism world. States like New York and California and Florida... The post 7 Cit...
17-02-2018 18:32

Solo in the Seychelles: Visiting a Romantic Destination Alon

“Your water, miss,” the waiter said as he placed a gigantic bottle of sparkling water down on my table at the Savoy Seychelles Resort... The post ...
13-02-2018 18:37

The Perfect 10-Day Road Trip Itinerary for Oregon in Summer

When it comes to big epic road trips, Oregon might not be the first destination that comes to mind. You might first think of... The post The Perfect 1...
10-02-2018 17:55

Exploring Egypt Safely with Intrepid Travel

As a really nerdy kid who loved history and books and things like mythology, I\'m not sure there was ever a time when visiting... The post Exploring E...
06-02-2018 17:58

January 2018 Travel and Blogging Recap

The beginning of the year usually gets off to a pretty slow start; I\'m usually recovering from the holidays, trying to stay warm during... The post J...
02-02-2018 17:57

10 Tips for How to Travel More with Limited Vacation Time

Today (January 30) isNational Plan for Vacation Day, a day promoted by Project: Time Off toencourage Americans to declare their vacation days for th...
30-01-2018 17:59

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Cuyahoga Valley: Ohio’s Only National Park

Cuyahoga Valley: Ohio’s Only National P...

I’ve admitted to this before, but growing up in northeast Ohio, I was a pretty terrible Ohioan. I basically ignored most of the cool things in my own state (and even in my own country), instead always focusing on getting out. I went to Cleveland... -
7 Sweet Shops In London

7 Sweet Shops In London

Delicate handmade chocolates, traditional boiled sweets, extra-ordinary gummies in gourmet flavors…sweet tooths rejoice! Whatever your favorite candy, chocolate or sugary treat?London has you covered. From the classic old fashion sweet shops to... -
The top 5 reasons to have a Bachelor night in Portugal

The top 5 reasons to have a Bachelor night in...

Many people now worry about the idea of a bachelor night that involves a holiday. But there is an answer. Why not have a bachelor break in Portugal" There is so much to offer. Besides a Mediterranean climate with over 300 sunny days per year, your... -
Uncork And Unwind: Where To Drink Wine In London

Uncork And Unwind: Where To Drink Wine In Lon...

Cheers to London Wine Week! (Image courtesy of Drink Up London.) London Wine Week is a casual wine-themed festival that runs from May 13 through 19, 2019. It?s a great excuse to sip wine all over the city at the event?s playful pop-up wine bars,... -
Ultimate Ibiza Itinerary – Best Beach Bars, Clubs, Hotels & Restaurants

Ultimate Ibiza Itinerary – Best Beach B...

Ultimate Ibiza Itinerary – Best Beach Bars, Clubs, Hotels & Restaurants Where" Ibiza, Spain Exactly" The beautiful Balearic island of ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea When" June 2018 Above and below: Bonnie at the new Seven Pines Hotel... -
Choosing the right cruise in Galapagos Islands

Choosing the right cruise in Galapagos Island...

The Galapagos Islands are well known, not only for its important input to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, but also for its unique wildlife, pristine landscapes, and harsh conditions. 1,000 km away from the South American continent, the... -
Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist

Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist

We?ve chosen our destination, We?ve set the time aside with no distractions or work commitments to get in our way and our tickets are purchased.  It?s time to enjoy our dream vacation and we don?t want anything to go wrong. So, we make sure to... -
Bolivia: Cholita wrestling- brawls and back flips!

Bolivia: Cholita wrestling- brawls and back f...

What on earth is going on" I?m sitting on a rickety bench makeshift warehouse. Daylight filters in through the rafters, dimly illuminating the ring in front of me. The smell of sweat, dust and cleaning fluid assails my nostrils. No, I haven?t been... -
Review of Flying Blue, the frequent flyer program of Air France & KLM (pros & cons)

Review of Flying Blue, the frequent flyer pro...

Fridaynewslettersalways feature luxury travelcontests,tips,series, ornews. Today (March 9, 2018): Review of Flying Blue, the frequent flyer program of Air France & KLM. I have previously published (and continuously update) my reviews of... -

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