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Travel News

Why Bali is the Best Budget Destination for Couples

Bali is the Best Budget Destination for Couples Many tropical destinations are overrun with tourists, overpriced, or both. Bali is neither. Bali is th ...
31-05-2016 17:59

3 of the UK’s remotest places to dine and drink

Got screen fatigue" Tired of being constantly connected" Fancy a digital detox" If you’ve answered ‘yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘oh yes’ to these questions, the ...
31-05-2016 18:08


Since departing on our journey over 15 months ago, we have visited 79 cites and towns, in 24 countries throughout Europe, Africa and Australia…Asia, ...
31-05-2016 17:59

Episode 46: Family Travel Packing Tips With The Educational

Planning a summer vacation with the family" You don’t want to miss these great family travel packing tips from Natalie Tanner with The Educational T ...
31-05-2016 17:59

Move over for cyclists

Drivers must give at least one metre clearance to bike riders Three cyclists have been killed and 65 injured on Tweed roads over the past five years. ...
31-05-2016 18:08

7 luxury experiences in Venice in only 24 hours

When you live in a small mountain town up in the white Dolomites you grab any chance to drive down to Venice and if you only have 24 hours, well thatâ ...
31-05-2016 18:08

Go Green! Apartments Near 3 Downtown NYC Parks & Gardens

When you think of New York City images of skyscrapers and bustling Times Square pop into mind, but if you know where to look there?s a whole other sid ...
31-05-2016 17:59

Inspirational places in Poland that you won’t want to

In choosing a travel destination, we often thirst for enriching experiences, beauty, palpable history and an injection of another culture. In fact T.S ...
31-05-2016 18:08

Turning a Blog into a Business: 7 Things I Did Right

When I started this blog back in 2010, I started it entirely as a hobby. I never expected anyone except my parents to read it, and I certainly never d ...
31-05-2016 18:08

Top 10 places to sail in the UK

As an island with a rich maritime legacy, Britain has more than its fair share of fantastic boating spots. So, whether you’re just dipping a toe into ...
31-05-2016 18:08

10 Genius Camping Hacks & Tips Every Camper Should Know

Camping: it can be just as complicated and dirty as it is exciting and eye-opening. For every magical campfire there?s one realization that you forgot ...
30-05-2016 18:00


DAY 1124 // 26TH MAY 2016 // Big Island, Hawaii JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twit ...
30-05-2016 18:11

Win some limited edition DELSEY luggage!

Did you know that a DELSEY bag is sold every 10 seconds"! 70 years on from the creation of this global benchmark of design and innovation, the brand i ...
30-05-2016 18:09


DAY 1126 // 28TH MAY 2016 // Telluride, Colorado JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twi ...
30-05-2016 18:11


DAY 1125 // 27TH MAY 2016 // Phoenix, Arizona Hilary\'s amazing video JOIN THE CLUB! Raya ...
30-05-2016 18:11


DAY 1125 // 27TH MAY 2016 // Phoenix, Arizona Hilary\'s amazing video JOIN THE CLUB! Raya ...
29-05-2016 18:09

The Helisul Experience – Flying High Over Remarkable R

Helisul is the premier helicopter tour operator in Rio, and we can understand why. Unlike their partner company in Iguazu Falls they\'re nice and frie ...
28-05-2016 18:00

My Best Podcasts About Travel And Food

Can you believe it"  We’ve been producing our food and travel podcast for one whole year!  In celebration of our anniversary, I have a round up of o ...
28-05-2016 18:00

Five Parisian Cafes For A City Break

From classic bistros to hipster hang outs, the travel experts at Expedia share their five favourite Parisian cafes. Keep reading for more info on thes ...
28-05-2016 18:10


DAY 1124 // 26TH MAY 2016 // Big Island, Hawaii JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twit ...
28-05-2016 18:10

Why I Won’t Get Mad If You Call Me Lucky

It happened a couple months ago, as I was entering back into the U.S. through immigration at Newark airport. I was standing in line waiting for my tur ...
27-05-2016 18:08

Recipe For Delicious Sticky Toffee Popovers

When we were kids, mum used to serve us popovers filled with mincemeat. For her, they were a no-fuss dessert, but to us, there was something so excit ...
27-05-2016 18:09


DAY 1123 // 24TH MAY 2016 // Big Island, Hawaii Check out some of the activities I have been doing: Choose your moments in Hawaii this summer: ...
27-05-2016 18:09

7 Things To Do In San Francisco

With our combined love for the outdoors and delicious food finds, San Francisco feels like our spirit animal.  There’s such an exciting entrepreneur ...
26-05-2016 18:00

Secret Seven: Barcelona

Rock out at Anti-Karaoke, share a paella with Spain’s most wanted gangster or enjoy a night of saucy stanzas at a poetry brothel… The Editor assem ...
26-05-2016 18:13

Perchè comprare il Japan Rail Pass per il Giappone

Viaggiare con i mezzi di trasporto in Giappone risparmiando" Scegli il JR Pass. Perchè comprare il JR Pass" Durante un viaggio in Giappone, specialmen ...
26-05-2016 18:10


DAY 1122 // 23RD MAY 2016 // Puako, Hawaii JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter / ...
26-05-2016 18:13

The Fathom Cruise Experience

It\'s a new idea by Carnival Cruises. Fathom Cruise Lines asks the question, "Can cruiser types do good when visiting ports in the Caribbean"" We\'ve ...
26-05-2016 18:00

BROKE 4 GOPROS (but it was worth it!!!!)

DAY 1121 // 22ND MAY 2016 // Puako, Hawaii JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter / ...
25-05-2016 18:10

Photograph of the week: Colosseum, Rome

Built between 72AD and 80AD under the Emperor Vespasian, today the Colosseum takes pride of place in the heart of Rome although at the time of its con ...
25-05-2016 18:08

6 Great Apartments near the New Eurostar Line between London

Once just an engineer?s fantasy, the Channel Tunnel that connects Britain to Continental Europe hasn?t stopped-evolving since its 1994 opening. The la ...
25-05-2016 18:08

Spring Sale Book Now And Get Up To 20% Off

We are excited to announce the London Perfect Spring Sale! This is the perfect season to make the most of this incredible city with so much to offer ...
25-05-2016 18:09

3 consigli per sopravvivere alla metropolitana di Tokyo

3 consigli, 1 sito e la mappa per districarvi tra il labirinto delle linee della metropolitana di Tokyo. La metropolitana di Tokyo è nell’elenco del ...
25-05-2016 18:08

Top 10 places to sail in Italy

With its endless coast and splendorous sunny and mild Mediterranean climate, Italy is a paradise for pleasure boating.  Italy’s archipelagos, coastl ...
24-05-2016 18:09

Pacifying Rio’s Favelas – Out with the Gangs, no

I first became interested in visiting Brazil\'s favelas when Dave was working on The Hulk in 2007. Some of the cast and crew flew down to Rio to film ...
24-05-2016 18:00

Episode 45: Summer Road Trips

Looking for some inspiration for summer road trips" We’ve got several! During this episode, Rachelle chats with two enthusiastic travelers about sum ...
24-05-2016 18:00

2016 Summer Guide: New York

Summer in the City: for some New Yorkers it means getting as far away from the city as possi-ble. But with all the events, free concerts and activitie ...
24-05-2016 17:59


Half the fun of travel, as we?ve seen with our recent trips through East Africa, Central Europe, Austria’s Winter Wonderland and now Mauritius, is t ...
23-05-2016 18:00


DAY 1120 // 21ST MAY 2016 // Maui, Hawaii JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter // ...
23-05-2016 18:11

Getting Soaked – The Ultimate Iguazu Falls Tour

Niagara Falls has the Maid of the Mist, and it\'s a thrill to take a boat into the heart of the horseshoe. But when visiting Brazil, our Iguazu Falls ...
22-05-2016 17:59


DAY 1119 // 20TH MAY 2016 // Maui, Hawaii JOIN THE CLUB! My Pencils of Promise vlogs: ...
22-05-2016 18:10

Emirates A380 First Class Dubai to Amsterdam (+ lounge): a t

I will publish a review of this flight on my travel blog on Wednesday May 25th : If you like this clip, be sure to fol ...
21-05-2016 18:11


DAY 1118 // 17TH MAY 2016 // Maui, Hawaii JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter // ...
21-05-2016 18:11

Top 5 Summer holiday ideas in the Alps

Once the snow melts and reveals an altogether different world, the mountains become a verdant playground, lush and alluring. The contrast from the mag ...
21-05-2016 18:08

Searching for paradise in the Garden of Eden

The first difficulty you encounter when planning to visit the Seychelles is which island to choose. After a detailed research we opted to divide our s ...
20-05-2016 18:08

All You Need to know about the Top 10 Best Hikes in South Am

South America is a land of vivid colors, strong traditions and stunning landscapes. From the dense Amazonian jungle to the most idylic Caribbean beach ...
20-05-2016 17:59

The 9 Essential Items on Your Packing List for New York

When making a packing list for New York City there is one thing you have to keep in mind above all else: NYC is a walking city. Even though it’s con ...
20-05-2016 17:59

Top 10 London Shows To See In 2016

Do you like to tap your toes to the beat of a show-stopping musical number" Or do you enjoy dramatic, contemporary plays" Perhaps much ado about Shak ...
20-05-2016 18:09

5 family friendly villas in Jamaica

Planning a family vacation can be rather stressful, especially with children involved. From organizing activities for all age groups to catering to in ...
20-05-2016 18:08

Stuff You Should Know About: May 2016

Welcome to ?Stuff You Should Know About? ? a monthly collection of travel news, tips, photos, and other odds and ends that don?t really fit in anywher ...
20-05-2016 18:08


DAY 1117 // 16TH MAY 2016 // Dallas, United States JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // T ...
20-05-2016 18:10

New luxury comes to the Mediterranean

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders is the name behind the new IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Portals Nous. Overlooking Majorca’s idyllic beaches, it is one of the g ...
20-05-2016 18:08


DAY 1116 // 15TH MAY 2016 // Lima, Peru JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter // h ...
19-05-2016 18:09

Le spiagge e le scogliere della Spagna del nord: scoprite Sa

Alla scoperta di Santander e delle spiagge della Cantabria. Quello che non ci aspettavamo da Santander: spiagge dorate dalla sabbia fine e scogliere v ...
19-05-2016 18:08

4 of the best private island escapes

What is it about private islands that makes us dream about them so" Many of us have done it, we sit there in front of our computer, in the office, on ...
19-05-2016 18:08

Tart Cherry Pecan Ice Cream

I think I?m going to have to invest in a set of those cloud-like magical hotel pillows that seem to cocoon me in comfort whenever I?m traveling. Becau ...
19-05-2016 17:59

5 essential men’s fashion items for your next luxury v

Looking forward to your next vacation but not sure what to wear" Don’t worry – we spoke to our good friends at about those must-hav ...
18-05-2016 18:07

Photograph of the week: Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Arguably one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland (and with good reason!), Seljalandsfoss has a 60 metre drop over a cliff that once formed Icelan ...
18-05-2016 18:07

Why You Should Choose an Adventurous Honeymoon

Adventure is an important part of living. And I\'d argue that adventure is an important part of a marriage, whether that means jumping out of an airpl ...
18-05-2016 17:59


DAY 1115 // 14TH MAY 2016 // Cusco, Peru JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter // ...
18-05-2016 18:10

Why airlines should disclose the highest and lowest fare rat

Have you ever noticed the maximum rate disclosure posted on the back of most hotel room doors" Chains typically disclose the “maximum room rate” or th ...
18-05-2016 18:07

Where should you retire after a life of travelling"

We all love to travel but one day a time comes in our lives when it’s nice to settle down somewhere. Have you ever thought about all the places youâ ...
18-05-2016 18:07


Let me start off by saying that animal portraiture is a lot harder than it looks. We knew this from the many hours we spent ‘dog stalking’ back ho ...
18-05-2016 17:59


DAY 1114 // 13TH MAY 2016 // Cusco, Peru JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter // ...
17-05-2016 18:10

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going on a Digital Detox

If you’ve followed along on my adventures for any length of time, then you can probably guess that I’m the type of person who’s used to being †...
17-05-2016 18:07

Top 3 Pantanal lodges in Brazil

The Brazilian Pantanal is a wildlife haven and one of the best places in Latin America for birds and mammals. The largest flood plain in the world, it ...
17-05-2016 18:07

Episode 44: Yountville – Taste Life Here

Learn about Yountville, a small town in Napa Valley named for the first pioneer to plant vineyards there and now named one of the top food towns to vi ...
17-05-2016 17:59

Top 10 luxury things to do in Crete

Crete is the biggest of the Greek Islands and as the fifth largest in the whole of the Med, it’s home to some truly fantastic luxuries. If you’re look ...
17-05-2016 18:07

3 reasons why raw veganism is the next hot trend in luxury t

We recently took a step outside the usual luxury offering in Thailand and stayed at Evason Hua Hin, a laid back luxury beach resort less that 4 hours ...
17-05-2016 18:07

5 top tips to find your secret Tanzania

Tanzania has some of the most iconic safari destinations. The Rift Valley, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti are all on the so-called Northern Safar ...
17-05-2016 18:07

Best Places To Have Brunch In London

Londoners just love taking a long, leisurely brunch over the weekend. It really is the perfect way to combine fantastic food with great conversation ...
16-05-2016 18:08

Why is Sri Lanka the perfect luxury family destination"

Putting aside all the obvious reasons for visiting this tear-drop island: breath-taking scenery, tropical climate, exotic paradise a million miles awa ...
16-05-2016 18:06

The best beaches in the world

With more than 8,000 km of coastline, Spain has long been a primary destination for European sun and surf seekers. In fact, Spain is the third most vi ...
16-05-2016 18:06

A romantic city break in Barcelona

Want to impress your loved one by whisking them away for a romantic break" Barcelona is the perfect place for a well deserved getaway with your partne ...
16-05-2016 18:06

The other Hong Kong

Most visitors to Hong Kong think mostly in terms of the bustling urban areas such as Kowloon and Central. However, there exists another side; one that ...
16-05-2016 18:06

Three Great Hotels in Rio on the Best of the City’s Be

Rio de Janeiro is the hottest destination for 2016. With the summer Olympics fast approaching, it\'s going to only get hotter once everyone sees how b ...
16-05-2016 17:59

4 incredible luxury wildlife experiences

If you’re fascinated by wildlife, yet also have a taste for luxury and the finer things in life, there are several experiences that should be on you ...
16-05-2016 18:06


DAY 1113 // 12TH MAY 2016 // Aguas Clientes, Peru JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Tw ...
15-05-2016 18:11

Finding Luxury Villas in Croatia

Looking for a luxurious pad in Croatia" We invite local travel experts MyIstria to introduce themselves as well as the wonderful region of Istria – ...
15-05-2016 18:11

The Unexpected Delights of Egypt by Keeping an Open Mind

In a hotel lobby at the red sea resort of Hurgarda terrorists stabbed three tourists. At the Great Pyramids in Giza two policemen were shot dead. A fe ...
14-05-2016 17:59

Wellness breaks – top 3 choices for a luxury spa exper

Looking after ourselves isn’t often easy with the pressures of every-day life, so it’s not surprising that many view their one-two week holiday as a c ...
14-05-2016 18:06

SPECTACULAR Alila Jabal Akhdar Resort (Oman): impressions &

I will publish a review of Alila Jabal Akhdar on my blog on Wednesday May 18th: If you like this clip, be sure to foll ...
14-05-2016 18:08

We’ve joined the Iambassador Team!

2016 has been a phenomenal year for us- a year of brand new things. Exhausting, unrelenting and without a single break-but great. Being new parents h ...
14-05-2016 17:59


DAY 1112 // 11TH MAY 2016 // Urubamba, Peru JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter ...
14-05-2016 18:08


DAY 1111 // 10TH MAY 2016 // Cusco, Peru JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter // ...
14-05-2016 18:08

5 ways to celebrate whisky in Edinburgh

With Whisky Month well under way, people across Scotland – and the world – are rejoicing in a celebration of the ‘water of life.’ This makes it the pe ...
14-05-2016 18:06

The best Summer festivals in Canada

When it comes to summer festivals, Canada has everything you need.  Whether it’s listening to music on a summer’s day in Toronto or watching fireworks ...
13-05-2016 18:08

Secrets of Spain: fabulous Frigiliana

Frigiliana is officially one of Spain’s most beautiful towns. A whitewashed village that simply oozes charm, Frigiliana is perched in the Sierra Alm ...
13-05-2016 18:08


Our motto and motivation is to ?collect experiences, not things?. Whilst on our journey, we?re aiming to spend our time and money on spectacular expe ...
13-05-2016 18:00

Where to see the Northern Lights… and what to do if yo

Sorry for the seemingly negative rider in the title, but we think it’s important to note that the Northern Lights – the eerily beautiful display of ...
13-05-2016 18:08

What to Expect on a Viking Star Ocean Cruise

Viking is best known for its river cruises, but its Viking Star ocean line has received enormous accolades since its launch, including being named Bes ...
13-05-2016 18:00

Exploring Ecuador on a Shoestring with Intrepid Travel

South America. It’s a continent that, up until this year, I had not set foot on, despite being fascinated by places like the Galapagos and Machu Pic ...
13-05-2016 18:08

Top 5 unique activities in Los Cabos, Mexico

When many travelers think of Los Cabos, they think of relaxing on a sunny beach sipping a margarita or lounging around a lagoon-like resort swimming p ...
13-05-2016 18:08

Top 10 tours… only in Peru!

No matter what you want from your travels, you can create an incredible itinerary in Peru. Use this list to inspire a luxurious trip that includes adv ...
13-05-2016 18:08

Australia’s coastal stories – a local perspectiv

When travelling, sometimes you just need to put down the guidebook, switch off the laptop and ask a local for a bit of advice. Because surely, they’ll ...
13-05-2016 18:08

And the winner of Best Travel Blog is…

I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while but things have been so busy. Earlier this year I was shortlisted for the award of Best Travel Blog in ...
13-05-2016 18:08

Top 5 Galapagos diving sites

There are diving vacations… and there are diving vacations. And one of these special underwater adventures can be found in the legendary Galapagos I ...
12-05-2016 18:07


DAY 1111 // 10TH MAY 2016 // Cusco, Peru JOIN THE CLUB! Raya Youtube // Twitter // ...
12-05-2016 18:09

Top 5 child-friendly hotels in Greece

With its crystal-clear water and fine sandy beaches, Greece is a natural choice of holiday destination for sun worshippers. Its warm and family orient ...
12-05-2016 18:07

10 top tips for your first trip to Florence

When Stendhal visited Florence in 1817, he was so moved by a visit to Santa Croce and the sight of Giotto’s frescoes that he was overwhelmed by emotio ...
12-05-2016 18:07

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