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On the 2nd of January, I came back from a trip in Europe that lasted 20 days. I can say that this is the best route I ever took: Romania-Italy-Germany-Czech Republic-Slovakia-Hungary-Romania.

You will find my thoughts in different posts and pictures. 
Spending 3 days in Rome was fantastic and easy to take on the best you see. I went from one side to another of the city by metro, which is the fastest way of doing it. Get your stomach ready for pizza, pasta, cappuccino and croissant. 
However, today I want to mention about the first 8 things to be careful when getting to Rome:
1. Watch your purse/pockets. There are a lot of cases of robbery. I recommend leaving your documents in your room (just for any inconvenience).
2. Do not stop on people that say they are from Africa and sell nice colorful bracelets. They put them on your hand and try to sell it to you for a pricey amount, around 20 euros. If you refuse, they will create a huge scandal that you already took it and refuse to give them the money. Good luck on getting away with this.
3. Be careful on exchanging money at the airport: they charge a commission that you are not informed about and the rate is just horrible. I understand if you need some money for a ride to the city, however if you agree to that, do not exchange more than 30-40 euros if you intend to take a taxi and no more than 6 euros if you intend to take a bus. 
4. Rome equals to crazy drivers. You are stepping on the pedestrian area and they just go over you. This applies to tram drivers as well. Nobody respects the red light (pedestrian or driver) and police seem not to care about it. (We've seen many cases when people were crossing on red light and police was a step away and no sanctions were applied or at least a verbal warning).I remember that we were having a night walk and a young couple were going straight ahead in an intersection and they were close to the middle of the road and from their left the tram was coming and did not intended to stop. I needed to yell for her to see as well and at that point I saw her facial expression: scared and white as snow.)
5. Rome was the only city I travelled in and did not felt safe walking at night (in tourist areas!). Do not take side streets!
6. On your way to Vatican, you will meet a lot of people saying that they offer you the best tickets to enter the Museum. Please refuse them nicely. They try to sell a ticket for 50 euros when at the entrance you pay 16 euros. They also say that there is a long line and you need to wait for hours to get in. Lies! We entered in maximum 4 minutes, after passing the security. For sure that during high season this takes longer. The conclusion: do not be tricked!
7. Do not be scared of all the military on the street (strange, I was in Germany after Rome and it did not seem so secured, even if the ''refugee center'' is there, but still felt safe). On the entrance of cathedrals, you will pass through security like at the air...


Fuente de la noticia: Trip Seat
Fecha de publicación: 01-02-2016 17:49
visto: 15

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