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Travel News

What’s in my Travel Bag 2018

This year I’m taking a new approach to travel: I’ve written a list of destinations I don’t believe I can live without visiting in my lifetime an...
22-01-2018 18:02

A Guide to Visiting Jasper National Park in Winter

The winter wonderland that is Jasper National Park has long been on my (seemingly endless) bucket list of destinations, so I will struggle to find the...
20-01-2018 17:58

A City Guide to Edmonton, Alberta

My first trip of 2018 has been on my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember: the Canadian Rockies! My first stop on the trip was initially o...
13-01-2018 18:01

A Day Trip to Gozo, Malta

There’s no recommendation like that of a friend, so when an old school friend told me“you havegotto go to Gozo”while in Malta, I took it as ...
01-01-2018 18:04

New York for Pastry Lovers: The 10 Best Bakeries in NYC

On my recent fleeting visitto New York, I had just enough time to check out what was happening on the bakery scene in the city and sample my way arou...
01-01-2018 18:04

New Years Resolutions Worth Sticking To

  Stop apologising for being yourself and just be   Immerse yourself in new experiences   Be kind to people who are unkind to you   Patience is st...
28-12-2017 18:04

The Best Books I Read in 2017

You know that break I’ve been taking" It’s finally over. This year I have done what I haven’t done in five years: I’ve spent more time at home...
24-12-2017 17:59

The Best Advice For Your First Time Traveling Solo

I’ve been on so many solo adventures now that I am often quick to forget how daunting my first time traveling solo was. On my first trip, I embarked...
23-12-2017 17:59

The World of Wanderlust Complete Guide to Paris

Paris is a city that captivates you in every sense of the world. A waft of fresh croissants as you walk past your local boulangerie, the texture sensa...
22-12-2017 18:01

Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers: Top 20 Travel Gifts

  1. I’m Outta Here Passport Cover Every traveller, myself included, will take any excuse to hit the road again and this passport cover is just the...
21-12-2017 18:00

The 26 Safest Cities for Female Solo Travelers

Over the last five years travelling the globe solo I have had many ups and downs, good experiences, terrible experiences, and most important of all, l...
21-12-2017 18:00

A Christmas Prince Filming Locations: What it is Like to Vis

The countdown to Christmas is on and the amount of times I have watched A Christmas Prince on Netflix is becoming some sort of a record. But when I lo...
20-12-2017 18:14

20 Places I loved so much, I can’t wait to go back

Let’s just face it: it has been a while since I made an appearance on my blog! It has been a busy 12 months since I opened my first business and lif...
20-12-2017 18:14

The Seabourn Experience: A Full Seabourn Cruise Review

It was a couple of years ago when I set sail on my first ever cruise, quickly eating my words about how it wouldn’t be “my thing” and since crav...
16-08-2017 18:11

A Guide to Mykonos

As one of the most popular islands in Greece, Mykonos is as iconic and quintessential as they come. With such a renowned reputation thanks to its pict...
10-08-2017 18:09

A Guide to Skopelos

Located East off the coast of mainland Greece is one of the countries’ less talked about islands, that is until the hit movie Mama Mia! came to town...
03-08-2017 18:17

101 Cities to Visit Before you Die (PART ONE)

Out of all the places I have been in the world as a full time travel blogger, “where is your favourite place"” is a question I have never been abl...
31-07-2017 18:18

Hong Kong in 48 Hours

After a whirlwind book tour in Europe and a week of stuffing myself with pastries in Paris, I made my way back towards Australia via Hong Kong, one of...
25-06-2017 18:27

Paris Photo Diary

Each year I make what has unintentionally become an annual pilgrimage to Paris. As if I need an annual ‘hit’ of the city that inspires me most, I ...
23-06-2017 18:25

Checking In: The Kerry Hotel Hong Kong

It has been a while since I’ve checked in to a new hotel in Hong Kong, having gotten so comfortable with my home-away-from-home favourites! But on t...
21-06-2017 18:26

Checking In: The Nolinski Hotel Paris

  New to Paris: The Nolinski Hotel As one of the newest hotels in the city of Paris, The Nolinski is a rarity in Parisian design & decor. The hotel i...
19-06-2017 18:18

The Paris Pass Review: The Easiest Way to See Paris in a Rus

A walk through the Louvre, an elevator up the Eiffel Tower and a gruelling climb up the stairs to the Arc De Triomphe. Is this the Paris you have plan...
16-06-2017 18:16

Versailles Photo Diary (with Photography tips!)

When I first visited Versailles some five years ago on my first (ever) solo trip overseas, I arrived in mid-January to a chilling -3 degrees, lifeless...
14-06-2017 18:18

My Country Kitchen Renovation: Before and After!

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quietly lately on the life updating front, but that comes with good reason in the form of an ongoing house r...
13-06-2017 18:17

French Pastry Class in Paris: Learning to Make Macarons

My idea of dreams coming true is when two of my greatest passions collide: travelling and baking. You might have noticed many more recipes and sweet t...
12-06-2017 18:17

The 20 Most Instagrammable Places in Paris

Hey friends! It has only been a few weeks since I landed back home from my annual trip to Paris, but I’m already suffering severe withdrawals from m...
12-06-2017 18:17

Paris for Pastry Lovers: Pastry supplies, Pastry classes �

Loving pastries and loving Paris are two separate obsessions for me, so you can imagine my excitement when the two come together in unity by simply ar...
08-06-2017 18:19

Finnair Business Class Review

It was 8 years ago on my first ever trip to Europe that I experienced Finnair. I was travelling with my father who had not yet left the country, so we...
08-06-2017 18:19

A Quick Guide to Maastricht

For the final stop on my tour throughout the Netherlands I was determined to go as South as possible to see another side to this country (and besides,...
06-06-2017 18:09

Checking In to a Dutch Chateau! My stay at St Gerlach Chatea

When my Dutch book tour concluded (shout out to all who came to the signings!) I made my way to the countryside for a little R&R, checking myself in t...
04-06-2017 18:23

Checking In: Hotel Des Indes

It doesn’t get much fancier than Hotel des Indes in Den Haag (that’s the Hague for all my English speakers out there).For as long as I can rememb...
02-06-2017 18:17

7 Cities & Towns you Must Visit in the Netherlands

My time in the Netherlands came and went in a flash. But if we’re being particular it lasted 8 days and 7 nights, all of which were jam-packed with ...
31-05-2017 18:17

Visiting The Hague in 24 Hours: A complete Guide

As a political science major at University, a trip to The Hague has beenon my to-go list for quite some time. Yet standing there in the centre of it ...
29-05-2017 18:17

WOW Book Club: Paris For One

I know I know, I’ve been super slack on book club lately, which has every part to do with being super slack on reading lately (which in turn is of c...
27-05-2017 18:09

The Secret Passages of Paris

Paris for me is Paris in the 20’s, through a lens of Woody Allen level nostalgia and withA Moveable Feastin mind. Thus it probably comes as no sur...
26-05-2017 18:09

How to Spend 48 Hours in Utrecht

Travelling throughout the Netherlands on a whirlwind week of adventures, I was eager to discover the best cities and towns, each with something differ...
24-05-2017 18:05

My Favourite Patisseries in Paris

Everyone here knows I have a sweet tooth which isn’t always a good thing but for the sake of giving you educated advice about the best patisseries i...
22-05-2017 18:07

A Day Trip to De Haar Castle in the Netherlands!

During my time in the Netherlands I had one wish: to see a castle. Whether it be from a train or a plane above, I was sure I would see a castle of two...
22-05-2017 18:07

A Day Trip to Delft, Netherlands

A medium sized city just a 30 minute tram ride from The Hague, Delft is surely the most picturesque stop on any traveller’s Netherlands tour. Known ...
19-05-2017 18:06

Checking In: The Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam

I knew it would be a fairytale evening the momentI walked through the impressive glassdoors of the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam. On previous visits t...
17-05-2017 18:18

Amsterdam Photo Diary

I hardly know where to begin when it comes to selecting a reasonable amount of images to portray my time in Amsterdam (believe me, there were A LOT to...
15-05-2017 18:17

The Best Cheap Eats in Amsterdam

Stumbling across cheap and delicious food is a win on any given day, but especially so when you find yourself on the beautiful but outright expensive ...
14-05-2017 18:17

Helsinki Photo Diary

Casualand unassumingly cool,the capital of Finland serves as a great pit stopto begin your Euro adventures, particularly if you’re looking for a ...
12-05-2017 18:17

The Top 10 Things to do in Tallinn, Estonia

Inviting and mysterious, the medieval old town of Tallinn is a welcoming balance of intrigue and a picture perfect postcard. The old town is so well p...
11-05-2017 18:16

48 Hours in Helsinki

I didn’t fall in love with Helsinki on my first visit two years ago, but my second visit to the city has convinced me this city hasmuch to offerfo...
10-05-2017 18:28

How to make Fluffy Pancakes (The Fluffiest!)

My childhood memories are riddled withpancakes for breakfast: be that making the batter, eating the batter raw, cooking and eating a stack the size o...
08-05-2017 18:31

Tasmanian Mountain Bike Trails: Blue Derby Pods Ride

Guided trails, cheese platters and cooked breakfasts…mountain bike riding has never looked so glamorous! Since finding out about the newly openedB...
07-05-2017 18:17

The Perfectly Quintessential European Bucket list

I don’t know about you but I love a clich. When I think of Europe I think about sipping an aperol spritz in the summer sunshine, riding a donkey th...
06-05-2017 18:16

Hiking Lord Howe Island ? Must do hikes, views & attrac

A bucket list destination you never knew you had, Lord Howe Island is one ofAustralia’s best kept secrets.Surrounded by crystal clear reef to snor...
17-04-2017 18:15

The 25 Most Unique Honeymoon Spots Around the World

I’m sure by now we all know that I crave anything but ordinary. From tree houses in the depths of South Africa to private islands in the crystal blu...
14-04-2017 18:14

One of Australia?s best kept secrets: Why you Must Visit Lor

It was a few years ago when I learned about Lord Howe Island ? a tiny island in the South Pacific roughly 11km long and at its widest point, 2km wide....
13-04-2017 18:14

10 Tips on How to Bake the Perfect Cupcake

Nothing sells better at my bakery than cupcakes. Whether its a chocolate cupcake topped with peanut buttercream and a snickers or the old and faithful...
11-04-2017 18:17

Adelaide City Guide

As one of the few Australian capitals I am yet to visit, I have long had Adelaide on my list of must visit places in my home country. A few years ago ...
29-03-2017 18:23

A Guide to Visiting the Barossa Valley, South Australia

Located just a one hour drive out of the city of Adelaide is one of the primary reasons visitors come to South Australia: the Barossa Valley! Although...
27-03-2017 18:15

A Guide to Visiting Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Located off the coast of South Australia is one of the nation?s best-kept secrets; Kangaroo Island. Aptly named, the island is a wildlife lover?s drea...
25-03-2017 18:15

English Country Kitchen Inspiration (so pretty it hurts!)

After 6 months of begging my boyfriend to join me in a kitchen makeover extravaganza, he has finally (and I still don’t know how it finally happened...
05-03-2017 18:15

Going Offline for a Month & How I Handled Blogger Burno

I struggled to choose a title for this post and without a title, I didn’t really know where my writing would take me. ButI guess the beauty in this...
02-03-2017 18:15

The Best of Prague: A Prague Walking Guide

Medieval, magical and inviting… Prague isone of Europe’s most memorable cities that continues to awe me time after time, even after a handful of ...
24-02-2017 18:15

These 9 Office Prints are Everything

As the one room in the house where inspiration is not just a help but an absolute requisite to getting anywhere in my day, I’m borderline obsessed w...
16-02-2017 18:13

A Guide to Visiting Moorea

Arriving in Mo’orea After landing in Tahiti, we made our way by plane over to Mo’orea – just a short 7minute flight or alternatively 30 minutes...
06-02-2017 18:15

A Guide to Bora Bora, Tahiti!

Somewhere that has long been on my bucket list, I finally got the chance to escape to paradise this week by visiting Bora Bora in French Polynesia. No...
03-02-2017 18:13

Island Hopping in Tahiti: The best islands to visit in Tahit

Tahiti is to me a place so exotic that I never would have imagined I would step foot on the iconic black sand beaches. Made up of many islands, I soon...
24-01-2017 18:44

French Hot Chocolate Recipe

There’s a recipe I’ve been wanting to recreate & share with you guys since my first visit to Paris solo, some five years ago. It was the middle of...
13-01-2017 18:35

How to Make the Most of 2017!

Every year I like to wipe the slate clean and start again with new goals and an adjusted focus. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a New Year’s Re...
12-01-2017 18:35

In Search of the Best Croissant in Paris

Eating a croissant in Paris is one of life’s greatpleasures. Some might even say (myself included) that it is up there with graduating school forev...
11-01-2017 18:34

The 20 Most Breathtaking Places to Visit in Europe

I dunno about you guys but for me, there’s something exciting about a new year of adventures… the endless possibilities of where I might end up, w...
11-01-2017 18:34

Christmas at Home in Australia

There’s a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while now but have been struggling to find the time or occasion. Over the past four years of blogg...
08-01-2017 05:23

Travel Lessons from the year passed

With 2016 behind me, I’d be lying if I said I could look back without regret, knowing that I made mistakes and continued to learn lessons whilst on ...
08-01-2017 05:23

Amlie Filming Locations in Paris

When you put one of my all time favourite cities with one of my all time favourite films, you most likely arrive atAmlie,arguably one of the best f...
08-01-2017 05:23

21 Trending Destinations to Visit in 2017

With a new year upon us and adventure in the midst, I present to you the top 21 trending destinations to visit in 2017! Many of these destinations hav...
08-01-2017 05:23

The Only Street in Paris

This time of year has a way of creeping up on us and before you know it, you’ve spent a little longer than necessary to read a book as good asThe O...
08-01-2017 05:23

In search of the Best Macarons in Paris

After the cupcake craze that swept America (and beyond) what now feels like an eternity ago, it began to seem as if the idea of a full sized cake woul...
08-01-2017 05:23

The 20 Best Cities to Travel Solo in Europe

So you want to travel solo in Europe" These cities are great for solo travellers! After recently catching up with a friend over coffee to plan her 201...
08-01-2017 05:23

My 20 Best Travel Experiences of 2016

I don’t know how it happens but every year I look back at all the wonderful adventures I’ve had (particularly since starting blogging four years a...
08-01-2017 05:23

WOW Book Club: Ten

I have a confession to make: I’m obsessed with France and all things French. There. I said it. In 2017 I have pledged to continue feeding my obsessi...
08-01-2017 05:23

Where to Escape Winter in London: 8 Places to enjoy the Wint

If there’s one thing I will never forget about winters in London it is the face burning, finger freezing, cold winter days that feel more like night...
22-12-2016 18:32

How to Spend a Birthday in London!

I’m starting to think that the quarter of a century age should be a thing. Forget turning eighteen or twenty one, turning 25 for me was the most exc...
26-09-2016 17:47

The Best Bakeries in London You Must Visit!

If Paris is the place to befor patisseries then London is the ultimate city for baked goods. The Brits certainly know how to bake their way to bakery...
12-09-2016 17:49

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