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Travel News

7 Tips to Plan an Unforgettable Weekend Getaway

Disclosure: This is a compensated partnership with NatureBox. As always, all opinions are our own.   While long vacations to exotic locales can be ex ...
30-09-2015 18:00

Top Spots to See in South East Asia.

1. Tioman Island, Malaysia. As bonafide beach bums and a tendency towards island hopping, we were thrilled to find out we?d be living only two hou ...
30-09-2015 18:00

Video Review: Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

If you’re visiting EPCOT to dine or drink around the world for the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival (or any time of year around their World Showcase), t ...
29-09-2015 18:02

Top 10 Romantic Activities in New York

Whether you?ve been to the Big Apple before, or this is your first time, nothing compares to spending a romantic evening or getaway with your signific ...
29-09-2015 17:50

Episode 16: St. Andrews By The Sea

Algonquin Resort and St. Andrews By-The-Sea In This Episode: In this podcast episode we chat with Denise of the Algonquin Resort about St. Andrews By ...
29-09-2015 18:02

8 Great Travel Organizers for Better Packing

Travel organizers have helped me do that. Get organized in your travels Dave and I live out of suitcases and backpacks. Having our travel bags organ ...
29-09-2015 18:02

28 667km // PERUGIA // ITALY

One of the joys of using a service like Workaway to travel, is having the ability to explore the area you’re staying in, including nearby towns and ...
28-09-2015 18:00

How to Choose the Best Travel Camera

Over the past ten years, I’ve scoured the internet and tested camera gear in order to find the perfect travel photography kit. When readers and memb ...
28-09-2015 18:00

The World at Work – Odd Jobs on Earth in Photos

Read the original post The World at Work – Odd Jobs on Earth in Photos on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog. ...
27-09-2015 18:03

Visit Statue of Liberty

Visit Statue of Liberty and learn about its captivating history The Statue of Liberty may be one of the most iconic statues in the world but there are ...
24-09-2015 18:00
24-09-2015 18:12

Cinque Terre, Italy Travel Tips

We spent time in Cinque Terre, Italy earlier this year and while researching for our trip we noticed a lack of online travel guides for this area. So, ...
23-09-2015 17:59

Simms Boutique Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Simms Boutique Hotel Family room Our Room and experience: The first room we got was a room for two people and a window. At the time of our visit ...
22-09-2015 18:02
22-09-2015 18:02

The Signature Serviced Suites and Studios Kuala Lumpur

The Signature Service Suites and Studios Our Room and experience: It was a lovely change to stay in a suite and not just a hotel room. We had lot ...
22-09-2015 18:02

Rama Rama Boutique Hotel Malacca

Our Room and experience: The Rama Rama Boutique hotel is a brand new hotel in Malacca (one of our favourite cities in Malaysia) and brings with a v ...
22-09-2015 18:02

Some of our best hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Over the past twenty months of our expat life in Malaysia we have been totally spoilt. We’ve managed to stay in some the most magnificent hotels aro ...
22-09-2015 18:02

How to Pack for an Antarctica Cruise

huge Sale on Antarctica Cruises right now! If you are thinking of exploring the 7th continent, now’s the time save up to $7948 per person on sele ...
21-09-2015 17:59

Travel to Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a beautiful destination and is very popular among tourists. Literally meaning, five towns, the place has a lot to offer for every trav ...
19-09-2015 18:00


Our motto and motivation is to “collect experiences, not things”. Whilst on our journey, we’re aiming to spend our time and money on spectacular ...
19-09-2015 17:58
18-09-2015 17:59

Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London is a famous tourist destination and gets a lot of visitors throughout the year. Dating back to the nineteenth century, it is a sus ...
18-09-2015 18:01

28 433km // FLORENCE // ITALY

Having spent just three short days in this magical town, I can now totally relate to my mom’s dream of visiting Florence. It’s as special and roma ...
18-09-2015 17:59

Times Square New York

Times Square New York is world famous for its many recreational centres, theatres, cinemas and market centres. The place is one of the most visited to ...
17-09-2015 18:00

Things to do on the Upper West Side

Things to do – Upper West Side Manhattan?s Upper West Side has been outshone for years by other neighbourhoods ? namely the more glamorous Upper Eas ...
17-09-2015 17:46

By: Debbi

Great pictures! Always love seeing what there is to do in NYC…you can never run out of things. Taking tours and learning from others is fun as well ...
17-09-2015 17:46
16-09-2015 17:59

Mount Everest, Challenges for a Traveller

Mount Everest has the unique distinction of being the highest mountain on earth which is why it gets so many visitors throughout the year. But scaling ...
16-09-2015 18:01

Blue Lagoon, A Geothermal Spa in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of the most popular tourist destinations and gets a steady stream of visitors all year round. This artificial lagoon ...
15-09-2015 18:01

25 071km // ATHENS // GREECE

Our belief to say “yes” to everything was once again put to the test when we arrived in Athens. We, by chance, bumped into our friends Bernie & An ...
15-09-2015 17:59

Episode 15: Atlanta Food Walks

In This Episode:  Akila McConnell, owner of Atlanta Food Walks, tells us the history of food in Atlanta. From learning the difference between soul foo ...
15-09-2015 17:59

Hungarian Parliament Building in Hungary

Hungarian parliament building is one of the largest and highest buildings in Hungary as of today. It is famous for its Gothic style architecture which ...
14-09-2015 18:02

Danakil Depression in Ethiopia

Danakil Depression located in Ethiopia is one of the most magnificent natural wonders in the world. Formed as a result of tectonic activity in the reg ...
14-09-2015 18:02

South Africa’s first National Instameet (& a swee

This September, during the Heritage Day Long Weekend (24th to 27th,) South Africa is getting its first National Instameet where Igers from all around ...
14-09-2015 18:00

Penguin Home: Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Boulders Beach is part of the Mountain National Park in South Africa and is a very popular destination among tourists. The area is regulated and there ...
14-09-2015 18:02

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

The Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge is a very popular tourist spot located in Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is basically a suspension bridge that is 20 metr ...
14-09-2015 18:02

Matthias Church in Hungary

Matthias church is a Roman Catholic Church located in Hungary?s capital Budapest. The building is constructed in Gothic style and is a famous tourist ...
14-09-2015 18:02

Best Tourist Places to visit in New Zealand

New Zealand has a lot of tourist attractions to offer which is why the place is a favourite among tourists. Right from local tribe interactions to Nat ...
14-09-2015 18:02
14-09-2015 18:00

Pulpit Rock Preikestolen in Norway

Also known as Preacher?s rock; it is a famous tourist attraction in Norway. Located in Forsand, it is a steep cliff which has a flat top. Nearest airp ...
14-09-2015 18:02

The Mt. Zion National Park: Utah?s Paradise, USA

Mt. Zion National Park is located in Springdale, Utah and is a famed tourist destination. The place has many canyons which require some time for explo ...
14-09-2015 18:02

Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi in Thailand

Koh Phi Phi is an archipelago and attracts many visitors all year round. Located in southern Thailand, it is a picturesque spot where you are ensured ...
14-09-2015 18:02

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe the island in Spain

Gaztelugatxe is a small island which is a part of the Basque country in Spain. It has an artificial connection to the mainland in the form of a bridge ...
14-09-2015 18:02

Proud moment: T+L names Brooke to their A-List (her photos s

Landing on Travel + Leisure?s A-List of top travel specialists isn?t easy. In fact, it’d probably be easier to climb Cappadocia?s cliff sides or dod ...
11-09-2015 17:59
11-09-2015 17:59

Learning About One Of America?s Great Female Entrepreneurs

Ever wonder how Ruth?s Chris got it?s name" It?s a bit of a tongue twister with quite a few theories floating around about it?s origins. I used to bel ...
11-09-2015 17:59

Delta Comfort Plus Review

I recently flew internationally on Delta Comfort Plus, and I gotta say, the upgrade is worth it.  From the extra legroom, to the upgraded snacks, and ...
11-09-2015 17:59

A Roadtripper’s Guide to B.C.’s Sea to Sky Highw

British Columbia’s Sea to Sky Highway runs from Vancouver to Whistler and is brimming with scenic ocean views, gushing waterfalls, lofty mountains, ...
10-09-2015 18:02


Our motto and motivation is to “collect experiences, not things”. Whilst on our journey, we’re aiming to spend our time and money on spectacula ...
10-09-2015 18:02

9/11 Memorial Museum

A life-changing visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum The 9/11 Memorial Museum is unlike any other museum I?ve ever visited in the entire world. Gone are ...
09-09-2015 17:50

Organize Your Travels with our Instagram TripIt Pro Giveaway

Read the original post Organize Your Travels with our Instagram TripIt Pro Giveaway on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog. ...
09-09-2015 17:08

10 Safe Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

The truth is, solo traveling to another country as a woman is actually not as threatening as it may seem. While there are some countries where a woman ...
08-09-2015 17:56

The Down Side of Long Term Travel

You’ll never hear someone say they regret moving abroad. It’s nigh impossible because you grow and develop in wonderful ways: you meet fantastic ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Best Coffee Shops Around The World

If you follow me on social media, you know I have an obsession with coffee. Perhaps it’s just being perpetually jet-lagged, or perhaps it’s just t ...
08-09-2015 17:56
08-09-2015 17:56

21 724km // HALLSTATT // AUSTRIA

After spending 10 weeks in Scandinavia, exploring Oslo, looking after puppies in Alta, road tripping through southern Norway, renting bikes in Copenha ...
08-09-2015 17:56

How to Take Great Travel Photos as a Solo Traveler

Traveling on your own is a fun way to have new experiences and expand your boundaries without worrying about synchronizing multiple people?s wants and ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Insider’s guide to Kuala Lumpur.

This article was first published in South African Airways inflight magazine, Sawubona, in March 2015. Away from the skyscrapers and shopping malls o ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Where To Eat In Zurich

Whether you’re visiting Zurich for business or for pleasure, there’s tons of great places to eat.  From lakefront dining with a view, to tradition ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Eat Like a Greek – A Complete Guide to the Cuisine of

Baklava ? caloric pie with strong flavor, soaked in special juice Fruit salads with yogurt ? self-explanatory Various fruit cakes Pastries like Kata ...
08-09-2015 17:56
08-09-2015 17:56
08-09-2015 17:56


After being gone exactly 6 months, I feel it necessary we share the uglier side of our trip. Browsing through our blog posts and Instagram feed, it se ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Kayaking With Whales in Johnstone Strait

As I boarded the tiny plane headed for Port Hardy, British Columbia, I had to tell myself to breathe. I was on a solo journey to kayak with Orcas in T ...
08-09-2015 17:56

34 Images of Iceland that will take your breath away

2016 is the year to visit Iceland and if these photographs don’t convince you head to the hauntingly beautiful Nordic country, then nothing else wil ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Episode 13: Welsh Cuisine

In This Episode: Rachelle chats with Welsh food expert, Sian Bassett Roberts of Loving Welsh Food, about deliciously comforting Welsh cuisine. Learn a ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Niagara Falls Road Trip – The Best of the Niagara Park

Toyota Canada. Funny story – the VIN number on our RAV4 LTD started with a 2. The number 2 indicates the vehicle was built right here in my parent ...
08-09-2015 17:56

11 of the Best Things to do in Antarctica

amazing deals Quark Expeditions is having right now. Quark Expeditions for great savings on Antarctica and Arctic Voyages A visit to Antarctica seri ...
08-09-2015 17:56


We?re so lucky to be meeting some amazing people on our journey. When we first planned our trip, it was all about the places and experiences. We?re qu ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Islands, Whales, & Waterfalls: Our Summer With Cayman Ja

It’s hard to believe that three months (and countless adventures!) have already flown by since our first margarita cheers on the beach with friends. ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Why Malaysia Has The Worst Toilets In The World

Having lived in a number of different countries, I can safely say that even though certain parts of Asia have developed and progressed at a tremendo ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Where To Stay In Bordeaux

Spending a week in the Bordeaux region over the summer was a dream trip come true for me — exploring history, driving through vineyards, and (of cou ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Why you should visit Europe now ( and why I can’t wait

During both of my previous trips to Europe, my stays in the various countries were far too short and super rushed. I travelled with my dance crew and ...
08-09-2015 17:56

Episode 14: Traveling Panties Tips For NYC

In This Episode:  From unusual ice cream flavors, to waterfalls in Central Park, to the top restaurants and bars in NYC, Katie Goldstein of TravelingP ...
08-09-2015 17:56
08-09-2015 17:56

9 Anti Theft Accessories for Safe and Secure Travel

Buy it now We love the Anti Theft protection we get from the Pacsafe. Take it from us, we’ve had people rummage through our bags without us notici ...
08-09-2015 17:56
08-09-2015 17:56

An Adventure of a Lifetime: Camping in California’s Ch

This post is part of our Happy Hour Around the World partnership with Cayman Jack. Stay up to date on our adventures by following the hashtag #Crafted ...
08-09-2015 17:56


Give me an option to shoot one photo to hang up above our imaginary fireplace in our imaginary home, and it will be a person silhouetted against any d ...
08-09-2015 17:56

A few things I love about Istanbul.

Updated: 31 August 2015 – we decided to change the formatting of this post a little and republish it. (First posted on 22 June 2012) Istanbul is ...
08-09-2015 17:56

A Weekend In Lake Louise Canada

Pete and I spent a week up in Alberta on a culinary road trip that ended with a bucket list dream — spending a weekend at Lake Louise.  We were ther ...
08-09-2015 17:56

It’s an Elephant’s life – A Walk on the Wi

Read the original post It’s an Elephant’s life – A Walk on the Wild Side in Addo on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog. ...
08-09-2015 17:56
08-09-2015 17:56

Polar Bear Photos: Be transported to the Wild Edge of Manito

Read the original post Polar Bear Photos: Be transported to the Wild Edge of Manitoba on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog. ...
08-09-2015 17:56


I recall waking up at 6am to the sound of cicadas on a nearby island. Opening my eyes, I saw perfectly blue skies, and felt morning dew on my feet. I ...
08-09-2015 17:56

You’re Already Going to the Caribbean; 8 Convincing Re

You’re already going to the Caribbean for your beach time. Here’s why you should go with us. (Reason #1: It’s not more expensive!) You?ll get s ...
07-09-2015 19:21

Ranger for a Day: Patrolling with Black Rhino Bodyguards �

Absolute Travel’s Katie Losey checks in from Kenya: I’m in Kenya, so the last animal I thought I’d write home about is a dog. I was wrong. Stan ...
07-09-2015 19:21

Who cares"

Last week I walked by someone on Broadway sporting a tank top that read, “I COULD CARE LESS.” If there’s anything I don’t want to be, it’s a ...
07-09-2015 19:21

Why Chengdu should be your first stop in China | By Kat

I?ve been to China four times in the last five years. I?ve studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing; taught Chinese University students English in Chengdu; ...
07-09-2015 19:21

A Life Underwater: Q&A with Aquanaut & Undersea E

He’s spent days alongside Fidel Castro on his private island, built the world’s first underwater hotel, and discovered underwater graveyards. Abso ...
07-09-2015 19:21

Singita Ebony Lodge Never Gets Old: A Look Inside the Reinve

How does a brand that?s been around for 22 years maintain its cache" Singita, which has become practically synonymous with luxury African safari, see ...
07-09-2015 19:21

The Elephant Map Project | Repainting a Future For Elep

Can a map change the future for elephants" We think so, and are creating a unique elephant map to mobilize a movement to protect these majestic creatu ...
07-09-2015 19:21

India’s behind-the-scenes shopping experiences most vi

Ditch the guidebook and forget generic?we?re reveling in palace takeovers and secret pashmina haunts! From Jaipur to Cochin, Meghan Black shares the ? ...
07-09-2015 19:21

Exclusive: Colin Cowie On His Travel Wishlist, Being New Yo

Oprah, Demi, Kim?Colin Cowie?s roster of clients don?t even need last names. In this exclusive Q&A we get to know how the man behind the moniker?born ...
07-09-2015 19:21

Win $500 toward your next trip! #ABSOLUTEINSIDER

Wow us with your original travel photos and you could win a $500 credit toward your next Absolute Travel trip! No need to be a pro. Some of our favori ...
07-09-2015 19:21

The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina

The most famous and imposing glaciers of the National Park is the Perito Moreno Glacier, located in the south end, opposite the Magallanes Peni ...
04-09-2015 13:57

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On July 7, 2007 Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro was named as a winner in the list of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the New Ope ...
04-09-2015 13:57

Skyscrapers more ancient of the world in Shibam, Yemen

Shibam is the name of a beautiful location in Yemen, whose Antigua and Walls city were declared a World Heritage Site in 1982. It is a spectacu ...
04-09-2015 13:57

Palouse Falls in Washington, United States

Palouse falls are a huge leap that gives the river of the same name. This splendid precipitation is 4 miles (6.4 km) stream above the confluenc ...
04-09-2015 13:57

Udaipur in India

Udaipur is a city that deserves a special mention in the Rajasthan. Known as the “City of Dawn” and characterized by ivory-colored building ...
04-09-2015 13:57

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Holly?s on Travel + Leisure?s A-List for Thailand! What it means for your next vacation

Holly?s on Travel + Leisure?s A-List for Thai...

When heading to a foreign country for the first time, we bet you?ve wished for a local connection to give you the inside scoop. Holly can be that connection for you. She was just named to Travel + Leisure?s A-List for the second consecutive year as... -


Probably the nicest surprise on our trip so far, has been the 20hrs we spent in Dubai. A city that wasn’t on our Wanderlist (until now) and one we used merely as a stop-over when traveling from water parks, to the desert safaris and sensational... -
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going on a Digital Detox

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going on a Digi...

If you’ve followed along on my adventures for any length of time, then you can probably guess that I’m the type of person who’s used to being “connected” all the time. In fact, you could easily call me a bit of an internet addict. Along... -
Snorkeling Silfra: Swimming Between Tectonic Plates in Iceland

Snorkeling Silfra: Swimming Between Tectonic ...

What do you remember about the geology section of your middle-school science classes" Do you remember learning about fault lines and subduction zones and the theory of plate tectonics" If you do, you’ll remember learning about how the earth’s... -
Safely travelling with my blogging equipment with the Calumet Rolling Camera Case

Safely travelling with my blogging equipment ...

One of the hardest things about travelling with all my blogging equipment is keeping it all safe and secure – especially when I’ve got the little ones with me and I feel like I need 10 extra arms to keep everything and everyone safe! The days of... -
Petit St Vincent – The Caribbean’s Secret Island Paradise

Petit St Vincent – The Caribbean’...

Petit St Vincent – The Caribbean’s Secret Island Paradise Where" Petit St Vincent Private Island Exactly" Petit St Vincent colloquially known as PSV is a stunning 115 acre resort island in the Southern Caribbean. Part of the Grenadine... -
10 Best Tips for Traveling Europe

10 Best Tips for Traveling Europe

Whether it?s your first time visiting Europe or you visit multiple times per year, avoiding some of the most common travel mistakes will make your trip so much more enjoyable! A little planning goes a long way and these ten tips will help you a... -
How to live a nomadic life.

How to live a nomadic life.

The other night I was asked how I was able to live a nomadic life" Truth be told, our lives were more semi-nomadic. We lived as expats in various countries, having a base for a year/two years and then travelling from there. Aside from Hawaii, all... -
Property Of The Month: A Charming Mews House In Kensington

Property Of The Month: A Charming Mews House ...

Pastel-pretty: the gorgeous mews house. This charming little mews house is extremely well-located in a very quiet yet central location, that is only a minute from Kensington Gardens and a two-minute walk to the Notting Hill Gate tube... -
Council’s new warning on emerging road hazards

Council’s new warning on emerging road ...

Recovery work to focus on roads and bridges  Council is urging community members to slow down on the region’s roads as ongoing flood clean-up work continues and traffic volumes return to normal levels. Council’s Director of Engineering David... -

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